There are alot of PixelFox's so instead of making a bunch of pages i decieded to make a breif summary of the PixelFox's.



PixelFox,IRL is one of the PixelFox's he is the orignal PixelFox and he lives an ordnary life as ?? Year Old boy and he has a girlfriend named Gala_Gamer who he loves dearly.He is always thrown into the mix of things by PixelFox,LC or the others.He is probley the most calm of The PixelFox's.Too see a full summary of this character click...PixelFox,IRL


PixelFox,LC is the Shortsverse PixelFox he is a love consultant and he loves to make ships and matchmake people for fun.He is one of the more insane PixelFox's beacause he has Mutiple Personality Disorder.He is 19 years old some how older then the first PixelFox.For more details click.......PixelFox,LC

PixelFox,Pyscho KIller

PixelFox,Pyscho Killer is the most insane of the PixelFox's hailing from Universe 666(Hell) he wants to kill everything and everyone he will make sure to cause crisis and let all the other characters solve them.For more dealtails......PixelFox,PK