Tempo is a main character in Finish The Story 2: Age Of Mystic. He along with Rayman, Waluigi, Proto Man, and Silver, comes from the Dark Future where the Fearsome Four rule over the world.

Tempo Harmo
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.05.28 PM
Position Legion of Sages member and awesome character
Age 14
Status Alive and swell
Species Human
Allies The Legion Of Sages,Meta Khight,Cloud,PixelFox,CoachSDot,PEASHOOTERFAN,PSI Seven
Universe of origin Harmokhight
Unique and interesting facts he's got a music staff or something
Physical attributes
Height 4'10
Weight 80 lbs'




Fixed Future

With most of the events of the Present Timeline, excluding all interactions with Gargan and The Darkness and changes made by them, he and the party defeat Mystic, but she changes CoachSDot's fate, his final form was changed from something majestic to and evil dragon that killed everyone, including this version of Tempo.