Soran is a Grimeal Archer that works for Grima. He is 18 and his father is a mage. They are meant as comic relief characters

Battle against Troll Face

Both Soran and his father were not involved in this battle, outside the Clockworks tower, both see Donkey Kong in pain eating a sandwich. After he ate the sandwich, they where beaten half to death, they somehow escaped into subspace.

Battle Of Subspace

Soran was revealed to be the son of the Grimeal Mage. After miraculously escaping death at the hands of Donkey Kong, they he fought with his dad on the subspace bridge. His father was knocked out by Mewtwo. and Soran ran off he then meets up with his mother, Jessca and they re-enter the Realm of Kingdoms with Gargan and others.

Some random story info

  • Even though he and his father constantly referenced both used and unused lines from the "Meet the Sandvich" Team Fortress 2, they have never managed to revive Troll Face or give him any form of power boost.
  • Soran is based off of one TheTruePokemonMaster's friends