The Puff of Logic is something that happens occasionally in the FTS universe. It occurs when someone calls out something that is illogical, resulting in a *puff of logic* that makes it the way it technically should be.


Finish the Story

Removed Kirby's ability to use telepathy. Accidentally used by Link

Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic

Rendered CoachSDot unable to speak in his peashooter form. Later on, it almost removed his ability to use telepathy too.

Finish the Story 3: Nightmares of the Falling World

There were no real Puffs of Logic, but JackPlatinum's infamous first posts were removed.

Finish the Story the RPG

There were no actual "Puffs of Logic" in this FTS. However, a few characters told other characters to shut up to avoid a puff of Logic.

Finish the Story 5: The Other-Worldly Threat

Caused China's Magical Rainbow to disappear since she was somewhere where there was no sun, do to snow clouds, which is necessary for rainbows to form.

Finish the Story 6:Civil War

Used against Yoh-Jin and the dark clones by CoachSDot. It was ineffective against Yoh-Jin