PixelFox is the second form off TheTruePokemonMaster.He comes back by the power of friendship being pretty much the same.But in the short time he is there a civil war breaks out between him and Coach leading his friendship with Coach to be over.He is also a love consutant he also appears in FTS Idiotic Edition:Coonter Strike.

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Position The Legion Of Sages Co-Leader
Age 19
Status Alive
Species Human and Sugar Being
Allies Gala_Gamer(Wife),,CoachSDot(Brother),PEASHOOTERFAN(Brother),PSI Seven(Cousin),Sally(Sister),Mystic(Cousin),Aphmau(Best Friend),Dark Princess(Ex-Girlfriend)
Universe of origin Fire Emblem
Unique and interesting facts most mlg character in the universe
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 100 lbs'




Coach was one of his best friends growing up and in the first 3 FTS's the seem to have a close friendship.But after he learns about his blood family there friendship breaks until Pixel's death.When Pixel comes back Coach seems to be more distant and it turns out that Coach is working for TWON leading a civil war between the too.


PEASHOOTEFAN is one of PixelFox's best friends.PEASHOOTEFAN and PixelFox seem to have a good friendship in the second FTS.PEASHOOTEFAN disappears in FTS 3 and comes back in FTS 4 as a prisoner of the Dark Kingdom.But when the civil war starts PEASHOOTEFAN sides with PixelFox leading them to become best buds again.

PSI Seven

PSI Seven is one of Pixel's best friends.There friendship is good throught the whole series.But he is a little mad when PSI Seven does not choose a side.


Sally is PixelFox's Sister PixelFox loves his sister and will try to protect her at all costs but most of the time they don't interact so its hard to tell