PSI Nightmare
Age Several decades
Status Fourth form
Species Nightmare
Allies Tabuu, the dark clones, the Illuminati
Universe of origin Finish the Story
Physical attributes
Height Changeable
Weight Changeable
PSI Nightmare is a being composed of the nightmares of people across the Kingdom of Realms, and holds immense power. He has the ability to transform into different nightmares, but he needs to absorb lots of energy before doing so. He can also absorb characters, taking their powers in the process. He can transform between any absorb character and any nightmare (provided that he has absorbed enough energy to transform into that nightmare) Lastly, he can also clone characters with his Dark Staff. He can use PSI Timestop and Timestart. He is the only being to easily defeat the Illuminati.


When Yoh-Jin was trapped, he sent out one of his orbs. That orb attempted to posses PSI Seven, but was repelled by PSI Seven's Magicant. But when it was repelled, the orb was able to absorb some of PSI Seven's Nightmare's power. The orb then was sent into the far past. Residing in the Void, it absorbed more nightmares from people across the Kingdom of Realms, until it gained enough power to awaken.

In FTS 7

In Finish the Story 7, PSI Nightmare awakens are revives Black Rose, Dark CoachSDot, and Evil Roy. He clones several of the Smashers and enlists the help of Tabuu the Illuminati. He plans to drown the multiverse in a realm of nightmares. In order to reach his Omega form, he plans to use the power of Mystic's Spellbook, the Dragon Balls, and a lot of Shadow Bugs.


  • An oven/Beta form (a small portion of PSI Seven's Nightmare).
  • The Illuminati (a larger portion of PSI Seven's Nightmare).
  • Sonic.exe/Gamma form (Sonic's nightmare)
  • Chara/Delta form (San's nightmare)
  • Sans (absorbed)
  • PixelFox (absorbed)
  • The Seven Speedster (absorbed)
  • Other, unknown nightmares