Lucas is a character in the FTS Universe he is a fairly minor character he dies in FTS 6 because CoachSDot kills him and after the story he has been tried to been revived but no luck.

Lucas (Mommy's boy) get it because he's in the game called mother? hah hah jokes! Ahem. Sorry about your mother Lucas, I didn't know that she was dead.
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Position Working for the Legion of Sages and being dead
Age 10(maybe?(nope he's 13(and really short too)))
Status Dead!!!!!!!!! AS BREAD!!!!!!!
Species Human
Allies Ness,PixelFox,People who dont think that FTS is any rpg
Universe of origin Earthbound
Unique and interesting facts PK Freeze! and he is dead :/
Physical attributes
Height 45
Weight 80 'lbs


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