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Jessca is a character in Finish The Story 2:Age Of Mystic she is the wife of Grimleal Mage(Ronan) she works for Grima and is one of the only people left who works for the Fearsome Four(Now the Tearfying Two) she kills Bork and a Peashooter she goes into the real world with Gargan and Grimeal Archer(Soran)


In FTS 0 Jessica is reavealed that she works for the Demi Kingdom and tries to kidnap TheTruePokemonMaster but then she reveals that she betrayed the Demi Kingdom and tires to take TheTruePokemonMaster and give him to Grima for his purposes


  • In FTS 0 it is revealed that she used to work for the Demi Kingdom and tries to Kidnap the TruePokemonMaster.