Finish The Story The RPG was originally created by TheTruePokemonMaster. Throughout both stories several times someone would make a RPG like statement like this: Ganondorf attacks. Ice Climbers took 20 damage. Then a character would reply with THIS IS NOT A RPG!!! and thus Finish The Story The RPG was born!


This is a seperate story, meaning it has a different plot from Finish The Story and Finish The Story 2: Age of Mystic.

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Finish The Story The RPG


based off of the fourm game Finish The Story a reference has popped up many times "THIS NOT AN RPG!" well now it is now you can make it an RPG(Note this is not in the main story at all it is a alt universe)

~TheTruePokemonMaster aka The Happy one

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  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Level 1-Shark Kingdom Attack King Shark is waging war on Baby Island Characters:Roy,Shulk,Baby Mii,Baby Mii Gunner,Baby Mario Baby Island Roy:Woah what are they doing Shulk:I think they are rising from the sea King Shark:Give up your island so me mates can plunder the island! Baby Mii:WAHH Baby Mii Gunner:WAHHH Baby Mario:WAHHHHHHH!

Deafet Shark Captain and then move to Shark Kingdom!

a day ago

  • PSI Seven 

Baby Mii Gunner attacked. King Shark took 5 hp damage.

Baby Mario is crying. King Shark covered his ears. King Shark can't attack.

Shulk used a back slash. King Shark took 40 HP damage.

King Shark is covering his ears and can't attack.

Roy uses his flaming sword. King Shark took 55 HP damage.

King Shark became tame. YOU WIN! Attackers receive 20 ep each. Baby Mario has level up! Offense increases by 1. Defense increases by 1. Max HP increased by 4. Swagyness increased by 1.

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  • CoachSDot 

Level 2: Dark Maze

Characters: Sonic, Bowser jr. + Koopalings, Link, Pac-Man

Pac-Man: WAKA!

Sonic: Calm down, it only makes vision worse.

Morton: Can't even see, so dark

Wendy: At least I brought a flashlight.

Darkmite: !KCATTA

A horde of Darkmites appear, they cannot be affected by most physical objects, and speak backwards.

Link: !

Ludwig: No choice but to fight.

Defeat the Darkmites, or flee and exit the dark maze! There are alot more scattered across the maze...

a day ago

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

a wild Darkmite appeared

Bowser Jr used Cannonball on Darkmite he lost 5 HP

Link used Sword on Darkmite it Missed!

Darkmite Used Dark Blast on Link it Missed!

Bowser Jr attacks another Darkmite

Bowser Jr uses Drils he lost 15 HP

Darkmite dies

Bowser Jr gains 50 XP

Link attacks Darkmite!

Darkmite loses 5 HP

21 hours ago

  • PSI Seven 

Pac-man bit the Darkmite. The Darkmite lost 10 HP.

The Darkmite is speaking backwards. Sonic is confused.

Sonic used a homing attack. Sonic acidentally attacked Iggy in his confusion. Iggy lost 15 HP.

Morton charged at the Darkmite. The Darkmite lost 20 HP.

The Darkmite became tame. YOU WIN! Wait, never mind, another Darkmite joined the battle at the last minute!

The Darkmite called for help. Two more Darkmites joined the battle.

21 hours ago

  • CoachSDot 

Darkmites activated horde skill, a darkmite will join the battle every 2 turns!

Pac-Man activated power pellet skill, next attack will damage all opponents

Pac-Man ate a darkmite, Pac-Man healed 30 HP. Other darkmites took 12 damage.

Link attacked with his sword, but it missed!

Darkmites used self-destruct. All heroes take 50 damage. The darkmites faint

YOU WI- Oh come on! 20 more darkmites!?

What do you do?


  • RUN!
  • TV SCREEN x1

19 hours ago

  • PSI Seven 

Wendy used TV Screen. The Darkmites are now watching Doctor Who and won't attack.

Bowser JR. did a clown cart dash. All enemies took 20 HP damage each.

Morton did a clown cart dash. All enemies took 20 HP damage each.

Darkmites 1 through 20 became tame. YOU WIN! All hero's gained 110 ep each (there were a lot of Darkmites). Everyone's level is now 2. Max HP increased by 4. Offense increased by 1. Defense increased by 2. Swagyness increased by 3.

Link: Now to continue through the maze.

Morton used flashlight. It is now less dark.

10 hours ago

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Darkmite Captain appears

Morton drops flashlight from being scared!

Darkmite Captain dispears

Bowser Jr looks for Darkmite Captain

Bowser Jr finds a Villager Amiibo!

Wendy finds Darkmite Captain

Link attacks Darkmite Captain!

Crictal Hit!

Darkmite Captain loses 10 HP

Darkmite Captain attacks Pac-Man!

Pac-Man Loses 10 HP

Pac-Man has 20 HP left!

Bowser Jr attacks Darkmite Captain


Darkmite Captain calls for backup!

2 Darkmite appear!

Morton attacks Darkmite!


Morton's feels sad!

Morton can not attack!

Wendy uses cheer up on Morton

It works!

I will post stats for all characters in Finish The Story Wiki later!

10 hours ago

  • CoachSDot 

Darkmite Captain activated the phantom skill! Now no physical objects or attacks can harm him!!

Sonic used spindash, but it missed!

Sonic spindashes deeper into the maze, Sonic is no longer in the battle.

Darkmite Captain charges a dark attack, he has breifly become solid!

10 hours ago

  • PSI Seven 

Iggy: We are running out of options here!

Iggy used Summon Fighter Horn. Ness joined the battle!

Larry: Ness! We need your help! This Darkmite captain is immune to all physical attacks!


Bowser Jr: Wait, would Pk freeze be a physical attack since...


Ness used PK freeze. The Darkmite Captain took 15 HP of damage



???: Blizzard!

Link: !?

A Blizzard hit all the Darkmites, OHKOing them.

???: At least I can use Magic, unlike in my games. 

Larry: Who ARE you?

???: Oh, my name is-

Air-Man: Gotcha!

???: Ack! Let me go, let me go!

Ness: It's a 10-year old girl!

Air-Man: And try to get me, cause you can't beat Air-Man! 

Ness: He got away!

Stage Clear!

+4 Atk

+4 Def

+3 HP

+7 Swag

13:02, July 31, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Level 3

Dark Maze Part 2

Character:Bowser Jr,Morton,Wendy,Link

Bowser Jr:hey where did everyone go?

Wendy:They left us?

Morton:Lets try and find a way out of here

Try to find a way out of the maze

Left or Right

Bowser Jr goes Left

Darkmite appears! Bowser Jr uses Cannonball! Darkmite loses 5HP 

Darkmite is deafeted!

Bowser Jr gains 10 XP

200 more untill Level 3

Darkmite Captain and Darkmite Solider appear

Morton uses Wand 

Darkmite Captain loses 10 HP

Wendy uses Wand 

Darkmite Captain loses 10 HP

Link attacks Darkmite Captain!

Darkmite Captain loses 5HP

Darkmite Captain uses Dark Blast on Wendy

Wendy loses 10 HP

Wendy has 30 HP left

Darkmite Solider attacks Morton


Morton finds a baby Darkmite!

Bowser Jr attacks Darkmite Captain!

Crictal Hit!

Darkmite Captain loses 10 HP

Darkmite Captain dies!

Bowser Jr gains 30 XP

Wendy Gains 20 XP

Morton Gains 10 XP

Bowser Jr needs 170 XP untll Level 3

Wendy needs only 280 XP until Level 3

Morton only needs 290 until Level 3

Link attacks Darkmite Solider!

13:35, July 31, 2015


Critical Hit!

Darkmite Soldier was defeated!

Ness's side

Ness: Air Man, you are SO dead!

Larry: Ness, what are you thinking?

Ness: Never leave anyone behind!

Larry: True, but never get us killed either!

Pickit Man: Enemy Approaching! All Pickit Men attack!

Ness: Come on, let's fight them!

Larry: Sigh, why do I always have to be involved?

Ness used PK Freeze!

Larry used Wand!

We have to control both sides, okay guys?

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  • CoachSDot 

{Deeper in maze}

Sonic: I... Can't... STOP... SPINDASHING!!!

Sonic stops on a glowing golden chest

YOU GOT A MITECRUSHER SWORD!! This sword is super effective against darkmites, from the basic darkmite to the dark slayer, this thing will OHKO them! Find the others...

18:15, July 31, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

They had to much screen time. PSI Seven goes back to Roy, Shulk, and the babys.

Shulk: Now on to the Shark Kingdom.

Roy: How will we breath under...


Shulk and co. go under water. Shulk and co. are wet now.

A wild fish attacked!

Roy used a flaming sword. The flame was extinguished. 3 HP of damage dealt to fish.

The fish emitted a bad smell. Shulk is sick now. 

Shulk took 5 HP of damage from nausea. Shulk used mondo arts. Shulk's speed has increased by 2 for this fight.

Baby Gunnet launched a grenade (what kind of parents let their kids have grenades?!?!) 3 HP of damage dealt to fish.

Baby Swordfighter unleashed a tornado. 4 HP of damage dealt to fish.

The fish became tame. All heros recieved 10 XP each.

The enemy dropped a fish. Shulk got a fish!

Roy: Cool, an item! Read the description.

Fish: An ordinary fish. Restores 10 HP. Tastes better with salt.

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Link finds a tiny chest he finds INSTA LEVEL UP POWERUP

Link uses it

Link is now Level 3!

Link has a new item

Link has the Deku Scrub Mask

Darkmite Hippo appears

Morton uses Wand

Darkmite Hippo uses Block

Wendy uses Ice skates

Darkmite Hippo takes 5 damage

a day ago

  • CoachSDot 

Darkmite Hippo used hyper blast beam (WT-)

The entire party takes 200 damage!

Iggy used crazy laugh

The party gains invincibility and regen for 2 turns

Regen heals the party 50 points

a day ago

  • PSI Seven 

Bowser Jr. released a mecha koopa. 60 damage to Darkmite Hippo.

Link threw a bomb. Darkmite Hippo took 20 damage.

All hero's gained 50 HP!

Darkmite Hippo used hyper blast beam (WT-). But all heros are still invincible. 

Meanwhile, Olimar has a feeling something is swearing.

Iggy launched a cannon ball. 10 damage to Darkmite Hippo

20 hours ago

  • CoachSDot 

Wendy charges a hyper beam.

Morton realizes that there are more moves he and the koopalings can use than their SSB specials.

Morton gains 2 intelligence.

Link resagalized that darkmites cannot be affe-

Bowser Jr. slaps Link in the face.

CoachSDot doesn't know what characters are currently in the party.

Ludwig uses a fighter summon plate!

Who to summon?


  • Ryu
  • Captain Falcon
  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Lucina appears

Lucina uses Blade on Darkmite Hipo

Darkmite Hippo takes 60 Damage

Darkmite Hippo uses Hyper Slam

Lucina and Iggy take 50 Damage

Iggy is dead!

Bowser Jr:NO IGGY

Iggy:I am sorry brother but i have fallen

Bowser Jr:NO!

Iggy's grave appears you must find a character who can necromance

Bowser Jr is enraged

6 days ago


Objective: Find a 1-Up!

5 days ago

  • PSI Seven 

Bowser Jr.'s offense doubled! Bowser Jr. fired a cannon ball. 20 HP dealt to Darkmite Hippo. Darkmite Hippo dies. You Win! All heros gained 30 XP each.


The Darkness: These smashers are killing off my darkmites. Darkmite-tron, deal with them.

Darkmite-tron: ssenkarD, regnol hcum htaerb ton llas yehT

a day ago

  • CoachSDot 

Smashers Celibrate!


The Darkmite-tron appears on the feild.


Dark maze locations

Left path: ???

Right path: ???

Deaf path: ???

Light path: ??? 

Darkmite-tron location unknown.

23 hours ago

  • PSI Seven 

By the entrance to the Shark Kingdom:

Two Shark Guards blocked your way.

Shark Guard 1 chomped Shulk. 30 HP of damage to Shulk. 

Roy used dangeing blade. 3x5 damage to Shark Guard 1.

Shark Guard 2 called for help.

Shark Guard 3: Hey, go help those guards.

Shark Guard 4: I can't. I have to post on the Smashpedia forums. You help them.

Shark Guard 3: I'm to busy guarding stuff.

Nobody came.

23 hours ago