This is the first Finish the Story originally created by CoachSDot.


It was originally to follow the Princess of Magic's love for the Prince of Darkness, but in the next post, PEASHOOTERFAN had the smashers transported to the realm of kingdoms and the story then became more focused on the smashers and the original love story idea was completely forgotten, CoachSDot even said it was a way better idea.


This was taken directly from the forum. So grab some popcorn and enjoy!


      One day, in Smash, Mega Man was finishing off Fox with a Metal Blade Attack, when he hit a mysterious switch, and everyone, including cut characters from other games, got sucked in a portal. This led to the land where the princess was, and most smashers made it through, but Pichu was not used to the force of the portal and got launched. In other words, "Pichu-Pi! Chuuuuuuu!" Ding!

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    • [1]CoachSDot 

      ...The smashers ended up in the kingdom of wheat, the castle gaurds (popcorn, hay bales, corn cobs, ETC.) where unaware of the other worldly presence, playing SSBM the very thing described in the paragraph above happened. "That was odd" said Colonel Kernal, "How is Hay Bailey even playing a video game!?" Fox, after waking unconcious, noticed...

03:04, July 10, 2015


      That everyone got seperated and the explosion from coming out of the portal unlocked 1 more slot in the roster. He tried to get info, but lack of Internet caused this:

E---E ----ION PO-E--NEdited by PEASHOOTERFAN 11:47, July 10, 2015

    • [3]CoachSDot 

      ... Meanwhile, Kirby and Yoshi wandered out of the Kingdom of Wheat into the Kingdom of Magic, there was a feast...

{10 Minutes Later..}

All of tue chaos drew out the kingdom's fairies, being fairies they have magic wands. Sadly the fairies where fruit fairies, mercenaries from the kingdom of fruits, and can only cast spells involving edible fruit... I think we know how this will end so let us skip through and see how the princess of the Kingdom of Magic is doing...

03:23, July 10, 2015


      The princess still wanted to marry the Prince of the Kingdom of Darkness, but if you remember, Pichu was launched pretty far. Suddenly, when the princess heard a faint "Chuuuuuuuu!" She looked behind and then she saw Pichu, who had crashed through the window, unconcious.

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    • [5]PSI Seven 

      During the feast, tofu was being served (which we all know is made of pokémon. The smell of the tofu revived Pichu who then jumped out of the window to reek havoc on the feasters to avenge his fallen brethren.

13:56, July 10, 2015


The King Of Darkness picked up Pichu and...

14:55, July 10, 2015

Suddenly, Charizard appeared and...

15:03, July 10, 2015

Pit: Can you please slow down?

Pikachu: Pika! Pika, Pikachu!

Palutena via Telepathy: I think Pikachu is picking up on Pichu's electricity.

Link: ...! HYAH!


Link: I mean that the explosion unlocked a new fighter. And since only fighters are here, it must be someone we haven't seen as a fighter. Since I was in the original 12, Fox decided to have a way to keep in touch. Unfortunatly, I was the only one who got access before we were sucked into the portal.

Pit: Okay, one: That sentence was so long that even Pikachu fell asleep, and two: You just talked.

Link: I mean, HYAHH!!!

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    • [9]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Back where The King Of Darkness was snuggling Pichu A Charazard picked Pichu up and flew him towards the Kingdom Of Wheat...

15:08, July 10, 2015

    • [10]Demonic BB 

      Suddenly, Palutena fell from the sky, hitting Charizard.

15:09, July 10, 2015

    • [11]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      The Charazard was knocked out and he fell to his DOOM! and Pichu was very sad as he was going to fall but....

15:11, July 10, 2015

    • [12]Demonic BB 

      Suddenly, Metaknight swooped in and saved him at the last second! Then...

15:12, July 10, 2015

15:14, July 10, 2015

    • [14]Demonic BB 

      Metaknight got out a piece of lettuce and fed it to Pichu. Then...

15:16, July 10, 2015


      Wario tried to Bodyslam them, Pichu defending the group, when a mysterious, Fox-like sillouette saved them at the last second. The pack didn't know what it was, but Pichu recognized it. As if he'd seen it from his universe.

15:21, July 10, 2015

    • [16]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Pichu felt better and went towards the towering statue of Palautena.Pichu asked where Kirby And Yoshi were..

Meanwhile Dark Pit swooped down and attacked Pit,Link and Pikachu!

15:22, July 10, 2015

15:22, July 10, 2015

    • [18]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Pit and Dark Pit got into a rough Strugle and Dark Pit turned Pit into a trophy and zoomed of leaving Link And Pikachu together..

15:24, July 10, 2015

    • [19]Demonic BB 

      Duck Hunt Duo appeared and the dog sniffed the pit trophy.

15:25, July 10, 2015

    • [20]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Dark Pit walked up to The Duck Hunt Duo and said Back off you stupid mutt Dark Pit told him..BOOM and Dark pit was knocked back by an explolsve can!

15:27, July 10, 2015

{Meanwhile in the kingdom of technology}

Marth wakes up after being cold for an hour, he notices a huge battery crying (somehow) and heads toward him. He asks "間違った友人とは何ですか?誰もがあなたを攻撃していますか?" The battery stares at him confused...

(BTW, guys, you know ya'll can write paragraphs, right?)

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15:31, July 10, 2015

    • [23]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Dark Pit charged at The Duck Hunt Duo and the dog triped him turning Pit into a fighter again and They resumed there fight...

15:31, July 10, 2015


      He revived it, and Link remembered the letters Fox saw, and combining that with the figure that they saw, Link knew what the fighter was. But with the guard it did, taking recoil from it, it turned into a trophy. Link found it, and revived it. Then, a little squeak could be heard.

15:31, July 10, 2015

    • [25]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      The Sword Of Trophy had come and Link picked it up and turned Dark Pit into a trophy But Link was being possed by it Link attacked his allies!

15:34, July 10, 2015


      Meanwhile, Ice Climbers noticed that they were in the Mountain Kingdom. They were climbing the mountains, when they heard Shulk say, "It's a trap! This kingdom doesn't exist!" But before the Ice Climbers could get down, they were hit by a dark punch. They fell into trophy mode, then Lucina attacked Ganondorf, who OBVIOUSLY was the one who knocked the brother and sister to defeat.

15:46, July 10, 2015

16:08, July 10, 2015


      Pichu was scared so badly, that he called out: PICHUUUUUU!!!! (Translation: EEEVEEEEEE!!!!)

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Battery Brigade General: Swordsman! Enough games, if you won't talk to us, we will be forced to imprison you with that other redhead swordsman for distrubting a battery citizen's water expelling period!

Marth: (These brickheads, everyone knows I only speak japanese! I could atta- wait, did they just say "redhead swordsman?")

Battery Brigade Pawn #1 (Via brainwaves): What is taking him so long?

Battery Brigade Pawn #2 (Via Brainwavez): Let's poke him with our electrically charged lances and see if he will respond, their effective against swords.

Battery Brigade Pawn #1: Why not our electrically charged axes?

Battery Brigade Pawn #2: Because if we hit him with an axe, he will take less damage and we will take more damage, he will be more likely to hit us and we will be less likely to hit him, using a lance, the odds will be in our favor!

Battery Brigade Pawn #1: How does holding a sword protect you from axe damage!?

Battery Brigade Pawn #2: Because science! Havent you ever played frost emblem before!?

Battery Brigade Pawn #1: Just poke him already!

The battery Brigade pawn quickly pokes Marth expecting a response, Marth yelps in pain and screams "なぜあなたはそれで私を突くんでした!"

Battery Brigade General: Imprison him.

19:35, July 10, 2015

19:39, July 10, 2015

21:10, July 10, 2015

    • [32]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      On the mountain With Shulk and Lucina the battle contunied and The Imprisoned from Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword came out of the mountain knocking Ganondorf,Lucina,Shulk on the spearte paths.

Pikachu charged at Link with his might and...

21:11, July 10, 2015


      Apparently, an Eevee charged right at Link, whick knocked the trophy into random lava. Link shtappd being possesed and Diddy Kong randomly got there with them.

10:51, July 11, 2015

    • [34]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Meanwhile Pauletena's Cloud Kingdom was attacked by Bowser and Bowser Jr who found them and Paultena,Meta Khight and Charazard fought hard but they all fell to the ground...

Shulk got knocked back into a hole and he saw a orange dragon fly over him..

Link and the others went on the path towards the Kingdom of Darkness where they fought they would find there friends...

14:22, July 11, 2015


      Eevee noticed the fact that there was a Dark Link behind them and straight up demolished him with Take Down.

14:52, July 11, 2015

    • [36]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Paultena fell towards Link and the others and she landed next to them Pit:Lady Paultena! Paultena:Wow i am supriesed you made it this far Pit:Yeah i got turned into a Trophy twice he looks at link

Meanwhile Shulk climbed out of the whole when he saw a giant dragon about to fall on him AUGHHH Shulk screemed and the Dragon fell near him

14:56, July 11, 2015


      The evil dragon was about to attack Shulk, when he heard a "ナイストライ!" and then a figure slashed at the dragon. It was Roy. "私を試してみてください!"

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    • [38]CoachSDot 

      Fox snuck into the kingdom of technology and found a way into the castle lab, he tried to get info on "E---E ----ION PO-E--N" there, but he discovered something about the realm of kingdoms, something dark... not only could the smashers be unable to communitcate with any of the residents there, but...

(Edited due to mixed dragon ideas)

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    • [39]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      the dragon was actully CHARZARD and he attacked Roy and Shulk Shulk:RUN werid anmie character RUN! Roy:No we have to fight the dragon(he said that but in japanesse) Shulk:RUN wacth out! Charazard hit Roy with a Flare Blitz and he went flying

15:18, July 11, 2015

    • [40]Demonic BB 

      Suddenly, Greninja appeared and used Water Shuriken on Charizard.

15:20, July 11, 2015

    • [41]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Charazard ran away towards a hole and he fell in! Greninja walked towards the group and the trophy of Roy and he touched it and BAM Roy turned back Shulk,Roy and Greninja went towards the kingdom of trophy's to find the Ice Climbers

15:25, July 11, 2015

    • [42]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      okay i have an update whats happing to our characters Link,Pit,Paultena,Diddy,Pikachu,Pichu,Eevee and Duck Hunt:heading towards the kingdom of darkness

Shulk,Roy,Greninja are heading towards the kingdom of trophy's

Marth is in kingdom of tech along with Fox

15:30, July 11, 2015

    • [43]CoachSDot 

      Back at the kingdom of mystery, a portal opened up in the sky, a mysterious figure fell out and said to himself/herself "Things must change, the peril to await us must not repeat!" The figure out of the portal turned out to be...

15:31, July 11, 2015

    • [44]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      The King of Magic he had a council with the other king's the smashers are heading towards the kingdom of Trophy's they must not go there a trap has been sprung we must warn them The King Of Magic said to the others they agreed a slince fell on the council BOOM they looked outside and they saw Crazy Hand blowing up the kingdom...

Bowser and Bowser Jr looked outside of there airship and they saw the Link and his company.SON FIRE THE TROPHY RAY! Aye Aye Dad Bowser Jr repleied to his dad's command..

15:36, July 11, 2015


      But before they could fire, a Trump Card attack sliced the gun in two. It was Eevee. It was only a distraction! Wario started to fire, when a PK Thunder caused an explosion. Ness had found his way there. "PK Pulse!" was heard from all out the area. 

Pit: Wait, no!

Then a huge explosion occured, 

Eevee: Eevee, eevee vee. (Well, you nearly killed us, but at least THEY are gone.)

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    • [46]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Meanwhile Bowser and Bowser Jr were crashing.AGHHH DAD COME ON LETS GET OUT.and they jumped out of the airship and they landed at the foot of Ness.

20:36, July 11, 2015

Ness: What did you just say?

Bowser Jr. : Yeah, your mother! Where is she?

Ness: It's...EARTHBOUND! 

Ness then delivers a HUGE PK Thunder, shooting them in the air again.

Ness: Who's Earthbound now?

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    • [48]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Bowser:OW what was that for! Ness:Nothing just insulting me because i do have a mother Bowser Jr.:Still who cares! Ness:Where is your mother?

      • Bowser Jr breaks into tears and Bowser carries him off and tells him that ness is a bully

Ness:well time to go find those guys heading towards that kingdom thing

21:41, July 11, 2015

    • [49]CoachSDot 

      Fox is still getting info on "E---E ----ION PO-E--N" in the Kingdom of Technology's lab computer, when he had dicovered there was more to the code than he had thought. He discovered there was an audio file dated January of 2053! Today is late December of 2052!!! The computer itself is incapable of creating a date! The file was played:

"Today the realm of kingdoms faces a dark day, these 'Smashers' are fighting some jealous, evil dragon and a super powered karate man!! He said they had 'So many fan requests' (whatever that means) I don't know how long we can last here- whoever these people are, they are causing the death of these 'Smashers' and all the being of the realm of kingdoms! *Explosion* ekasjfjxxxfjcjf2ff2ffjff2fjjdkrdtvjjftjxxxrddj&&;:&;;;#?_?"

Fox knew he had to warn the others, wherever they where, but that was when the very same 'Karate Boy' and 'Dragon' had broke into the lab, Fox tried to fight them but...

[I know it was too long but I needed to include all this.]

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    • [50]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      meanwhile In the kingdom of trophy's Ganondorf walked in to the throne room in a case was the trophy's Of Ice Climbers,Dark Pit and Fox.

Ganondorf:How should i trust you?

???:You should not

Ganondorf:Why do you want me then "god of trophys"!

???:because i will pay you handomsly


???:Heh Heh

22:41, July 11, 2015


      They were WAY too powerful. "Personally, I prefer the air!" was heard. "You're off your game, Fox!" Falco had come to fight. While they fought, Fox got a thought in mind. "Wait a sec, if this is the thing that will happen, my instincts say that the one who joined the roster can stop this all! It has immence power, so it can stop this madness!" Seemed as Fox had the right idea, Because after he said that, The code increased to: EE--E EV---TION PO-E-ON.

At least, that was the flashback.

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???: It is all going according to plan... my pawns have neutralized Fox, ****** and **** are ready to take out the entire roster.

???#2: We will only fight if you keep your end of the bargain! I fight for justice, not evil!

???#3: *ROAR*

Ganondorf: What? You see a spy ******?

???#2: The beast is probably dillusional.

Sonic: I'm so glad those people back at the kingdom of time gave me those powers

Sonic quickly leaves before ****** is believed using a Timestop ability, when time is frozen, Sonic decides to have a little fun. He is about to prank the party before he bumps into Captain Falcon.

Sonic: Fa-!?

Douglas: SSHHHH!! They can still hear us, just go!

Sonic: But how do you have the timestop ability!?

Douglas: Just Go!

23:53, July 11, 2015

Falco: Dang it, Subspace! It's a good thing that Fox gave me the code...Wait, who's that?

Mario: It's just stupid! So stupid that the battle was almost over, then BAM! We get here! 

Mega Man: Okay, calm down, Mario.

Mario: I know...but it's hard...I miss everyone!

Lucario: Hmm....I see someone...their on our side.

Falco: Guys, you don't understand what's going on!

Falco told them what happened. 

Lucario: Hmm...Fox, eh? Who else?

Falco: His device is sending information to me...Dark Pit and Ice Climbers, too.

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP, BEEP, BEEEP!

Mario: Somone's coming!

Ryu: I'm friendly. The evil-doers here are expanding greatly...

Little Mac: THAT'S a no-kidding. 

Kirby and Yoshi then found their way to Mario and company, which was Mario, Lucario, Mega Man, Mr. Game and Watch, Little Mac, Falco, Ryu, and Samus.

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Bowser Jr.:Dad is your boss going to kill you?

Bowser:I dont know but we have to get as many trophy's as possblibe so we can finally take down all of the smashers!

Bowser Jr.:But Dad dont you realize this is a trap?

Bowser:Yeah i do but we have to take them for our selves

Bowser Jr.:Cool!

Bowser:Lets go i think Shulk,Roy and Greninja are coming heh we will spring out trap!

02:59, July 12, 2015

Battery Brigade Pawn #3: Guys, I can translate "Marth" for you all.

Battery Brigade Pawn #1: It's about time! What is he saying?

Battery Brigade Pawn #3: マルス、話します.

Marth: 私は犬ではないです! どこでロイをとっています!

Battery Brigade Pawn #3: He wants to know the whereabouts of the Red haired swordsman.

Battery Brigade Rookie: Guys, he escaped!

Battery Prison Gaurd: HOW!?!? We have the most advanced prisons in the realm of kingdoms, matched only by the army power of the Kingdom of Wheat!

Battery Scientist: You foolishly foolish fools forgot to keep Marth tied u- GUAYGH!! *Dies*

Marth: 私はロイに自分自身を見つけます!

Marth attacks thd Battery Brigade and wins the fight against them all. He frees all the prisoners and finds Roy. (!?!?) 

(In japanese)

Marth: Roy! Didn't you escape!?

Roy: no? I've been here the whole time.

It seems that there is another version of Roy, but Marth is unaware of this. He and clone Roy unknowingly head toward Shulk, Greninja, and the real Roy, fighters are soon to discover clones of themselves...

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Eevee was emmiting some kind of eruption. Everyone helped her get out of her pain, and they calmed her down. 

Pit: Woah, Eevee! Calm down...

Eevee: Ow...*gasp* There is a clone for each of us!

Ness: What? How can you talk? How do you know this?

Eevee: I could talk the whole time, but was too shy to say something that wasn't Pokemon related, but the clones part...They have been newly made, and I think I have some conection to them. Wait, the clones are one short! Combining me and the whole roster...There is one clone missing, I can feel it!

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Roy 1:What?

Shulk:Something is in the bushes

Bowser:HEH HEH SUPRRISE! *He fires Dark Ray

      • Shulk and Others dodge


Bowser:Heh Heh you will never escape now Junior give me another shot will ya

Bowser Jr.:Yes Sir Dad

Roy :Get HIM

Roy charged towards Bowser Jr. Greninja charged towards a random Koopa and Shulk attacked Bowser

Bowser:What do you want with me!

Shulk:why are you fireing that dark ray!

Bowser:Because dont you want to know

      • Roy points his sword at BJ Roy :Bowser your son goes if you dont tell us anything

Bowser:Just give up your life force to the trophy gods!

      • Shulk and Roy look at each other*

Shulk and Roy:GET HIM!

      • Bowser got knocked unconuiss and Bowser Jr ran off

13:42, July 12, 2015

Bowser Jr. : AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Lucina: Oh, what!?

14:07, July 12, 2015

Lucina:Hm Who are you

Bowser Jr:"sniff" I am Bowser Jr.

Lucina:Why are you crying?

Bowser Jr:Because some strange men took my daddy!

Lucina:Wow thats rough! Kid do you know where you dad is know?

Bowser Jr.:Not Really i bet he is in the forset

Lucina:I will take care of him here have some food and a map where you should go!

Bowser Jr:Thanks Lady!

Lucina and Bowser Jr went diffrent ways

Bowser Jr.:Hmm why does this person want me to head towards the kingdom of DLC?

14:14, July 12, 2015

Lucina: Oh, hi there.

Suddenly, Wario hit Luigi with the Dark Gun!


Wario: Got it! Goodbye!

14:19, July 12, 2015

Wario:See Ya!

Lucina charges at Wario but he teleports away!


14:21, July 12, 2015

Fox's mind: Did they really think I was THAT stupid? I covered my reflector before getting hit!

Fox used the reflector to get out of trophy mode, but was immediattly noticed. He then sent the Ice Climbers trophy flying out the window. 

Fox: Go! You deserve it more than me!

Fox was then taken away.

14:26, July 12, 2015

    • [66]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Teams Update TEAM 1:Link,Pit,Pikachu,Pichu,Duck Hunt,Diddy,Eevee,Paultena,Ness Team 2:Shulk,Roy,Greninja,Bowser

14:26, July 12, 2015

???:Not for long moutain climbers!

???2:YES YES you will never try to face The Supreme God Of Trophy's

Ice Climbers:Uhh

Ganon punches them back into a trophy form

Ganondorf:Master i sugest we separte them from Fox

???:Yes do that!

14:30, July 12, 2015

???: Oh god, it's Ike!

14:34, July 12, 2015

Fox:I cant belive i am in here

Dark Pit:Tough times huh

Fox:Yeah i dont get it why he wants us

Dark Pit:He says he will start the Rift soon he just needs all the fighters


suddnley a Ike and Lugi teleport in

Ike:Man he is powerful

Dark Pit:We have to somehow roam around supspace if we can find anything i mean something must be around here right?

Ike:What ever you say Dark Pit!

14:57, July 12, 2015

Ice Climbers (Nana): Way too close. But we have to tell everyone else about this... 

Sonic: And your not the only ones!

15:16, July 12, 2015

???3:Dont worry i will handle this 

???:Scavenger go find Sonic he deafted me last time

Scavenger:Yes Tabbu

Tabbu:HA HA HA HA 


Bowser Jr.:I geuss this is the place that the lady sent me


Bowser Jr.:Uhh Hi 

Guard:Who are you!

Bowser Jr:Bowser Jr.

Guard:Hmmm why are you here?

Bowser Jr.:I was sent here

Guard:By who 

Bowser Jr.:Some lady with dark blue hair

Guard:Hmm i geuss you can come in

15:32, July 12, 2015

Me: You know when I started this, I was really hoping there qould be some interaction between the Princess of Magic and Prince of Darkness... meh! The smash story is way better! They can just be support characters!

{Story Cut}


Marth: We are almost to the Kingdom of fruit! There are people there who can speak japanese... Roy?

Clone Roy: What's wrong?

Marth: Your eyes... they seem so yellow. Your skin... so grey. Who are you and what have you done with the real Roy!

Clone Roy: Nothing, but I will sacrafice you to Grima after putting you into trophy mode.

Marth: *Draws Sword* Over my rich, shiny trophy mode!

Clone Roy: Thats the point, KAIOKEN!!!

Marth: (!?!?!?!?!?)

Cloned Roy quickly warps to Marth and cripples him by standing there, just standing by marth, Clone Roy manages to defeat him.

Marth: What... is th... thiss p-power!?

Cloned Roy: Grima's power... now DIE!!!

Clone Roy turns Marth into a trophy, the dobbleganger then touchs the trophy and out comes a Cloned Marth before Marth's trophy is taken by a darkness engulfed Robin.

Cloned Marth: How may I serve you Robin?

Dark Robin: Call me Grima, the actual Robin is out prancing across the kingdom of fruit, we will take him, our plans must be set before the "god of trophies" can create the rift.

Clone Marth: I will find Sonic Hedgehog and Falcon, no doubt they will be spying on us.

Douglas: We've been found out! Run!

Grima: Where do you thing your going?

Sonic: well thats a good question, you see, we where just headed toward the Kingdom of Ninjas to learn shadow clone jitsu, we failed so far bu- TIMESTOP!!

15:34, July 12, 2015

Mario: Hi guys!

Falco: Hm...Eevee?

Eevee: W-what?

Falco: ...Oh, n-nothing.

15:36, July 12, 2015

Bowser Jr:This place is massive!

people wander around the streets many DLC characters can be seen

Bowser Jr:Oop i hear something

???:Inkling this does not make sense Pichu and Ice Climbers just dispeared a few days ago

Inkling:Lana i dont know why you are so consinred about them dispearing 

Lana:I think the rift is staring and the first kingdom to be sucked up is the Kingdom Of Paintball!


Lana:See we need to save the kingdom of paintball

Lana and Inkling start runing and they bump into Bowser Jr.

Inkling:Hey kid what are you doing here

Bowser Jr:umm i a girl sent me here

Lana:Why are you here

Bowser Jr:I thought my dad might be here

Lana:Hmm we can help you find your dad if you help us get to the kingdom of paintball

Bowser Jr:Leave to me

Bowser Jr climbs ontop of the wall and knocks out the guards ontop

Bowser Jr:Hey guards you cant cacth me na na na

Guard:Hey get that kid!

Bowser Jr crushes the guards

Bowser Jr:Go guys guys go

Lana and Inkling(this is a girl one) run out with bowser jr.

15:48, July 12, 2015

Sonic: DLC City.

Popo: I heard this is where DLC requested characters prosper.

Sonic: Hey, that gate is open. Wonder what's up with that?

Nana: Hey, anyone here?

Popo: Uh...someone's there...

Inkling: Hey...who are you?

Nana: Did this city have to be close to the kingdom of fruits?

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Nana:I am Nana and this is Popo and Sonic

Bowser Jr:Yeah Yeah thats great and all but can you people tell me where The Kingdom Of Paintball is?

Sonic:I think it is that way

Lana:Thank you!

Sonic:No prob see you later guys


17:09, July 12, 2015

Popo: Ack! Busted!

17:13, July 12, 2015

    • [78]TheTruePokemonMaster 

      Meanwhile Lana,Inkling and Bowser Jr contuined on there jorney towards the kingdom of paintball

Bowser Jr:Hmmm

Lana:What's wrong?

Bowser Jr:We need more things to get to the kingdom of paintball

Inkling:Like what?

Bowser Jr:Helicopters!

Lana:How will we get those

Bowser Jr:*he press a little button on his wrist* Phil send down 3 helicopters down to were i am!

Phil:Yes Sir!

Edited by TheTruePokemonMaster 17:26, July 12, 2015

Rosalina: We are an unusual team! That's right!

Lucas: Well, we still need to find are way out of this forest, though.

Jigglypuff: Puff! Jiggly!

Lucas: Something's amist...look out.

After a few seconds passed, a Dark Gun fired.

Jigglypuff: JIGGLY!!!

Jigglypuff had turned into a trophy, and was automatically taken. 

Larry: That was easy as cake! Bye!

19:08, July 12, 2015

(Rosalinda Eats Him,And Spits Tingle)

Old Man:Nice Job,Heart Face! Goku:It's Over 9000 456 crap!800000 Lucas:Shaddup

20:36, July 12, 2015

Larry: Um...anyway...bye!

Rosalina: Chase that Koopaling!

20:53, July 12, 2015

Grima: They screamed "Timestop" the instant they left... 

Clone Roy: It seems that Falcon and Sonic previously traveled across kingdoms to learn new moves.

Clone Marth: the real Marth is thinking about the other moves they know.

Marth: (What? They can read my mind!?)

Clone Marth: Shadow clones... energy plasma attacks... control over time itself!? Even more moves than I can list! If we can make a clone of Sonic, Falcon, or both, we are sure to have the power required to awake Red Gai

Clone Roy: Wait? Grima, how can you speak to us and everyone else normally?

Grima: Because unlike you and Marth, I have an english voice actor.

Marth: (I wish I had a forgien voice actor)

Clone Roy: I know where Sonic is, and he is headed toward the kingdom of Fruit.

Grima: No doubt he will learn the art of healing there. Roy, follow him, wait until he learns the skill, then strike.

Cloned Roy: Yes milord.

21:12, July 12, 2015


      Dark Roy saw Larry being chased, and knew he still had time before Sonic mastered the Healing Spell to get three others as well.

Dark Roy: Stop right there! You shall be vanquished!

Lucas: Challenge accepted![84][85]21:58, July 12, 2015

    • [86]Niceperson [87]

      You are now Very Nervos Because This Crap And The Fat Bird. Smoke Weed Evrey DAY!

22:23, July 12, 2015

Tabuu: Ganondorf, where are ******and ****

Ganon: Tabuu, I think it is time whe reveal a letter for the names of the Karate man and Dragon

Tabuu: fine, *i***y, find and turn Pit and his freinds into trophies, and G***, find Captain Falcon, remember to show him your Super Form

??? #3: *Grunt* *Flies away to Pit and company*

??? #2: Why yes, I will whow him my Super Form, just make sure you keep your end of the bargain, I don't see why everyone needs to suffer like this.

Tabuu: Sure, I will remove your adolesent son from subspace if you give me Falcon's trophy.

??? #2: *Sprints into the air with a white aura surrounding him toward Captain Falcon*

(Meanwhile in the kingdom of mazes)

Captain falcon is running across the mazes. "Darnit! Where is he?" He dails sonic on his phone

Sonic: Yes?

Douglas: where the heck are you Sonic!?

Sonic: Where are you!? I'm with the Ice Climbers at the kingdom of fruit learning the art of healing. It would really suck if someone ended up cloning me and using these powers against us right?

Douglas: Yeah. I'll met you there, see ya.

Suddenly Captain Falcon confronts the karate man. The karate man is surrounded in yellow aura.

??? #2: Hello Douglas J. Falcon.

Douglas: (I know who that is!)

Edited by CoachSDot 22:52, July 12, 2015

    • [89]LeftywinfreeMTW 

      It was then Douglas realized something. He thought to himself... "Wait a minute..... Sonic technically only has one eye."

22:49, July 12, 2015

Goku: Yup, time to go Super Saiyan.

Captain Falcon: I can have immense power too. It's called Green Falcon.

Goku: HYAAAAAA!!!!

Captain Falcon: HRAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Nana: I'm glad we don't have to rely on food to heal anymore.

Popo: Yeah! Super useful!

22:53, July 12, 2015

    • [91]CoachSDot 

      The Goku charges toward Falcon in nearly a milisecond and throws a punch, block by the Captain, he attempts to roundhouse kick his opponent, but Goku teleports away from Falcon and grabs him. Goku swings Douglas around before throwing him into the sky.

Douglas: (at least I have distance from Goku I should-)


Douglas looks up to find that Goku was flying, right behind him, and had a monkey tail sticking out of his bottom. Goku spikes Falcon through the ground. Falcon falls into a cave. This time he expected for Goku to warp behind him and charges a falcon punch.

{Meanwhile with clone roy}

Clone Roy: face it! None of you can defeat me, you can't even stand near me without falling to your knees! Now DIE!!!

Clone Roy was about to strike the 3 down, but he was interupted by...

(P.S how about we just call clone or dark characters "Evil" instead.)

Edited by CoachSDot 23:08, July 12, 2015

A clash of Fireballs, Metal Blades, Shoryukens, Oil, Charge Shots, AND Trump Cards all hit Evil Roy at the same time.

23:35, July 12, 2015

    • [93]Niceperson 

      Rosalinda Watched South Park With Lumas,The Teletubbies Bombed Smashville Chica Killed Kenny.

00:05, July 13, 2015

Falco: (Why is Roy speaking english?)

Megaman: Seize him!!

The party charge at Evil Roy but they are stopped by some dark force

Evil Roy: FOOLS! Haven't you heard? I am not Roy, I am Evil Roy! Cloned from the inferior Roy, young lion.

Little Mac: Where is the re-

Evil Roy: SHUT UP I DON'T KNOW! Anyway, I killed Marth by standing next to him. I can easily kill every one of you if I wanted to and give your souls to Grima!

Mario: He's-a too powerful, we cannot stop him.

Kirby uses his last bit of energy to inhale Evil Roy. The evil one is suprised by the force of the pull.

Evil Roy: Impossible! I fall to a mere puffball? NOOOOOOOOO!

Kirby inhales Evil Roy, Samus called out "That was an ironic end to some being that almost killed all of us." From inside Kirby?s stomach, the Evil-doer screamed "This isn't over! Grima is after everyone in this realm, Sonic can have his powers! Screw him, He can live!

Ryu: Tell us who you work for!

Evil Roy: I would, but that would take the fun out of the plot, oh no! The stomach! R--::3:#kfmsjDr&;<&;!+3mdkc!

Kirby begins to throw up and the group see machine components

Machine Roy: THE STOMACH &;&&:&& Plot &:::_$;?# GRIMA $;#$$+_+

Mario: It was a machine!

Samus: Then the real Evil Roy is after Sonic, we have to find him!

Lucario: His aura... is over 9000 miles west.

Samus: *Facepalm*

Lucario: Really! We won't make it in time!

00:07, July 13, 2015


Other Snake:Die!

Ike:Add me into a This Ploit? We Can Even Break The Fourth Wall Now! So This It Now!

00:15, July 13, 2015

Peppy: You got it! 

Kirby: Poyo! 

Kirby jumped on a Warpstar, R.O.B transformed into an biplane, Falco taught everyone how to use Arwings, and the Pokemon had a Staraptor friend use Fly, except for Lucario, who used Extreme Speed.

00:27, July 13, 2015

    • [97]Niceperson 

      Mr Game And Wactch Just Beeps. Kermit The Frog:Welcome To My Dungeon!

00:32, July 13, 2015

Sonic: Ok guys, you are here to learn the art of Shadow Clone Jutsu

Nana: But isn't that a move from Naruto?

Sonic: the person typing this story cut knows nothing of Naruto.

Popo: Guys, Am I supposed to fell weak and defensless suddenly when standing close to a grey skinned, japanese swordsman?

Sonic: Hold up I'll talk to him. なぜここにいますか?

Evil Roy: あなたには謎。死にます!

Sonic: Take notes climbers, Shadow clone jutsu!

Sonic splits into multiple versions of himself, each standing on tree branchs, laying in buckets, eating chili dogs. Evil Roy begins to attack each clone, losing his mind with each sighting of smoke.

{Meanwhile in a cave somewhere}

Goku warps Behind Falcon, right into his attack

Douglas: PUNCH!

Goku begins to fly through a cave wall. Douglas begins to stare at Goku as he warps closer to him, Captain Falcon has learned the ability to warp short distances like Goku. Falcon warps behind him and Grabs his monkey tail, Goku falls to his knees in pain, but through the pain, he uses his tail to throw Falcon into a giant boulder.

{Back with *i***y}

The dragon spots a group of airwings, a warpstar, and staraptors, the dragon roars. Samus prepares to jumpsll out or her airwing to the dragon.

Mega Man: Stop, you're crazy, that thing will kill you!

Samus: You guys rescue Sonic and the Ice Climbers, I'll take care of Ridley.

Falco: No, if we'll fight him, we do so inside the ships.

Can't let you do that Star Fox

Little Mac: Oh come on, this is just like Marvel Super Heroes, villians introduced back and forth...

00:52, July 13, 2015

00:58, July 13, 2015

    • [100]CoachSDot 

      Niceperson, what you are saying does not even contibute to the story, I said "Anything goes" but if you are going to post like this at least make it relevant.

01:28, July 13, 2015

Bowser Jr:Yeah we could get to Paintball Kingdom faster!

Inkling:I geuss we should hop in

Bowser Jr:Lets get flying!

In the kingdom of paintball

???:What is going to happen are we going to war

???2:Yes i think we are going to war

      • they look as they see a village getting eaten by the rift!

Rift:Tasty! the kingdom will fall!

02:11, July 13, 2015

Sonic: You know, when I first saw you back at the wastelands, I thought you'd be more of a threat.

Evil Roy: &?!+$:_+!+_:&_;&_+$_:+++_+-

Sonic: Calm down dude.

Sonic jumps toward the Vegetable castle, Evil Roy warps behind Sonic, he looks at the reflection of his sword and sees a vison of Sonic falling into a breakdance position and swinging his foot at him.

Evil Roy: (You're not the only one with super powers granted by this realm...)

Sonic, as what Evil Roy foresaw, fell into a breakdancing position, butbefore he reached the ground the dark swordsman grabbed a bowl of tomato juice and spilt it under Sonic. He collapsed and fell off the tower.

The King of Vegetables sprung out the window yelling "Why is a Hedgehog and Dark swordsman fighting on my tower?" The king of Vegetables managed to fork the 2 over at the pea-plant collosseum.

King of Vegetables: If you two like to fight so much, do it here, my money is on the Hedgehog.

Evil Roy scowls at the old man before he noticed a loud audience. Screaming things I am not allowed to say.

Evil Roy: I don't have time for this. TIMESKIP!!

Sonic: (!?)

Edited by CoachSDot 02:26, July 13, 2015

Inkling:Good i am ready to do a splatfest!

Lana:But we have to defend the kingdom from the rift!

Inkling:Of course after we win!

Bowser Jr:I wanna play too!

Lana:I dobut we will be able to deafeat the rift we have barley any power!

Inkling:Then why are we going there!

Lana:to risk our lives for the people who need it more!

Bowser Jr:Woah Woah are we doing this for the "greater good" thing

Lana:Yes we are

Bowser Jr:Aw man i just want to prove to those men that i am good guy

Lana:Come on we are here

They walk in they see that the exits are been opened and some people are alerdey leaving

Lana:Oh gosh people are arledey leaving

Bowser Jr:I expected that!

Inkling:Yeah i am back woo hoo i am going to get some new shoes

a guy comes over

???:Who are you

Lana:I am Lana and this is Bowser Junior

???:Nice to meet you i am Jason

Lana:Nice to meet..



Jason:Sis i missed you so much

Inkling:Me too where is captin cuttlefish

Captan Cuttlefish:Right Here welcome back Agent 3


???:Hey look its agent 3 and agent 4 and some other people

Inkling:Calie! Marie!

Marie:Hey there lets get ready for the battle!

02:46, July 13, 2015

    • [108]Niceperson 

      Ike:I Will Kill This Evil Roy For You Now Just Since It Is For My Freinds.As Usal. 

Snake:I'm Ready To Battke In This Area Now.

03:27, July 13, 2015

Falco: Samus, this is getring out of hand! Get back in the ship!!

Little Mac: If I see one more villian come out of NOWHERE-

As he said this Evil Marth warped in his ship.

Evil Marth: あなたは何を言っていましたか?

Little Mac bangs his head on the wheel and alerts the whole party of the Marth clone's presence before becoming a trophy. Evil Marth touches the trophy and created Evil Mac

Evil Mac: Time to roll some skulls!

Wolf: Yo, Evil Marth, give the Mac trophy to me.

Ryu: I will handle the Evil duo. You all rescue Sonic.

Mega Man but how? None of us could even stand on our own legs near a MACHINE version!! They will eat you for lunch!

Ryu: Like Sonic, I too have traveled across the kingdoms here to learn fighting techniques, like the ability of teleportation, and a sick healing factor like Deadpool.

Falco: What is that... BLACK HOLE!!

Mario: This day just keeps getting-a worst...

Evil Marth:タブーは彼の計画を開始しました!

Samus: I'm going back in the ship, the rift is over the Kingdom of Paintball.

04:07, July 13, 2015


      Kirby (In his head): Are these guys complete idiots? I have Invincibility Candy, and a Starman. Good thing I learned Telepathy in the Kingdom of Mazes! Mario, catch!

Mario: Oh yeah, let's-a-go!

Evil Little Mac: Someone's coming! A plumber and a puffball flashing multiple colors!

Evil Marth: Oh, no. We can't stand next to them to K.O. them anymore. (In Japanese)

Mario, in a winged cap, and Kirby, on a Warp Star, and they kept slashing at them, multiple times. Evil Marth FINALLY died because they both fell out. The Arwing crashed and one fell swoop retrived the trophy.

11:44, July 13, 2015

Bowser:... w-where am I!!?

Roy: 森林...

Bowser: Oh... where is my son!!

Greninja: (YES! I always wanted to play bad cop!) Gre gre gre greninja, JA! Ninja!

Greninja slaps Bowser in the face. Bowser loses his temper and screams "I WILL BREAK ALL OF YOU LIKE TOOTHPICK!!" Bowser lunges toward Shulk who retreats back fighting Bowser with his Monado, while the swordsmen are busy fighting a giant turtle, Greninja notices a card attached to Bowser's shell...

13:12, July 13, 2015


      "The Rift will swallow all. Only one can stop the power of the Rift. That hero may be underestimated, but has the power of fire, swiftness of lightning, and evasiveness of water. And no one can be of this hero, a shadow."

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 13:45, July 13, 2015

Lana:We have to get the cilvan's out now!

Inkling:GO i have to fight for my people!

Lana:We cant leave you!


The rift is a giant thing that flys over the sky and grabing things with tenkles he grabs some inklings and eats them


Inkling Commander:FIRE!

The Rift spits out Metorids and other enmeys at them

Inkling:We cant take much more damage!

Octarians start to appear and attack the wall


Lana:Junior run go to the escape exit

Bowser are the only person who might be my mommy



Lana gets knocked back a tentckle grabs Junior

Bowser Junior:HELP

Rift:SKREEK *it seems to have gotten shot by something

Bowser Jr:Thanks Lana

Lana:I did not do that

Bowser Jr:Then who...


Bowser Jr:Come on Lana we have to go the Inklings are not going to make it 

Lana:Go Junior i will catch up to you soon

Bowser Jr starts to run

Inkling:Ughh i am not going to make it *the rift tenkles are reaching for her

Lana jumps down and throws her book down 

BOOM everyone on that wall is gone and the rift falls down

Ganondorf comes over

Ganondorf:Hmphh they will pay espllically The girl 

Inkling:Where are we

Jason:I dont know 

They look around and they are in a forset and Lucina looks at them

Lucina:You are lucky to have escaped come on we need to get you to the other Inklings

14:08, July 13, 2015

Mario:Mana Mia! A Sonic Knockoff! Let's Fight Him!

16:01, July 13, 2015

16:05, July 13, 2015

16:13, July 13, 2015

King Dedede was then walking by as he saw the madness. He decided to let Snake out so he could use a homing missile. And King Dedede threw Gordos.

Wolf: Can everyone stop attacking me? No? You asked for it! All forces unite!

17:05, July 13, 2015

???:Hmm Lana and Inkling went to go help the kingdom i wonder if they escaped

???2:I dobut it the Rift is too powerful for 2 people and an army of squid people

???:Shh somebody is coming

???3:Hmmph the guy should be here soon right Ridley?


???:Who would be here at this hour

???2:I dont know but we should find out King K Rool is not somebody that i trust

King K Rool:Hey what do you want Goodie Two Shoes

???:We just want to know what is going on 

Ganondorf:Hmmph King K Rool i see you brough Shovel Khight and Impa along


King K Rool:Okay give me the money 

      • Ganondorf hands them both money and they walk away from Shovel Khight and Impa

Edited by TheTruePokemonMaster 17:32, July 13, 2015

Mew two:Like Nope My Bro.

18:41, July 13, 2015

Lana:Welcome to the Valley Of Seers

Bowser Jr:Okay now you have to help me find my dad!


Bowser Jr:Wait what?

Lana:This is not over yet!

Bowser Jr:WHAT!

Lana: I know but..

Bowser Jr:But what?!

Lana:Umm we have to do more then that i think you have the poataoinal to be one of users of a Power Gem 

Bowser Jr:Woah Woah i have to go trough all of these tests just to become a hero!?


Bowser Jr:Count me out!


Bowser Jr:Look i am glad to have helped you before but its not like these Power Gems are going anywhere!

Lana:They will soon be devored by the rift

Bowser Jr:Ughh why cant we all die in Subspace

Lana:Because.. i geuss i cant argue with that

Bowser Jr:Good because i am leaving are you coming

Lana:I well i geuss..Sure fine i will come..

Meanwhile in the forsets of the Kingdom Of Magic

Jason:This is awesome Sis

Inkling:I know we get to vist the high king of all the world

Lucina:We are almost there

00:50, July 14, 2015

Bowser:Why should i tell you are you going to use it agaisnt me 

Shulk:Look skippy you want your kid to live or not!

Bowser:My kid is dead you idiot

Shulk:No he is not dead and i sense he is coming here soon


Roy:Hmphh he is not talking is he

Bowser Jr:He wont be talking to you


Bowser Jr:DAD!


Bowser Jr charges at him and Roy falls of a cliff and is about to fall into the water

Shulk:NO! *he jumps in the water

Greninja:Gre Gre Ninja *and he dispears

Charazard:ROAR *He picks up Shulk and Roy

Bowser Jr:DAD! *He cuts the ropes


Lana:Okay i geuss i should leave

Bowser:Who are you?

Lana:I am Lana i have been taking care of your son

Bowser:Hmphh well i geuss my son is still alive 

Lana:Well he also has the poataoinal to deafeat the Rift!

Bowser:I knew that

Bowser Jr:COOL!

Lana:We will have to take him through some tests though

Bowser:Dont worry i will go back to my kingdom and then return him when you are done

Lana:see ya mister Bowser

Bowser Jr:See ya Dad

So Lana and Bowser Jr must go to the Temple Of Power to find Junior's Power Gem but can they survive they end of Bowser Jr's quest is near but what will happen to the Inklings will Impa and Shovel Khight stop King K Rool? Will Fox and Dark Pit find out the dark truth about Subspace? find out next time on Finsh The Story!

01:12, July 14, 2015

Can't let you do that Star Fox!

Little Mac: This is just like Marvel Super Heroes, villians introduced back and forth...

Kirby (In his head): Are these guys complete idiots? I have Invincibility Candy, and a Starman. Good thing I learned Telepathy in the Kingdom of Mazes! Mario, catch!

Mario: Oh yeah! Lets-a go!


Roy:Hmphh he is not talking is he

Bowser Jr:He wont be talking to you


Bowser Jr:DAD!

(This time...)

{Vegetable Colluseum}

Sonic:... Nothing happened.

Evil Roy: I used timeskip fool, don't you know what that is?

Evil Roy had just used the timeskip technique, power that allows the user to transport their own consiousness to a future point in time, Evil Roy-





Some potato: Hi guys!

Every vegetable: ...

Evil Roy charges at Sonic and swings his sword at him, Sonic takes every hit Evil Roy throws at him. Sonic is tormented by constant sword hits before Evil Roy sets Sonic on fire using dark energy before grabbing one of his spines and throwing him into the ground.

Sonic: You did a combo?

Evil Roy: Freakin' yeah I did a combo!

01:35, July 14, 2015

Evil Roy: Ow! You broke my combo!

Pit: You mean us? We K.Od Star Wolf to easy because of the lame minions. 

Evil Roy: Haha! You fools! You cannot defeat me unless you are far away! I doubt any of you have any-

Palutena: Autorettical!

Lucario fired Aura Spheres, Link used his Bow. Pikachu and Pichu used Thunderbolt, and Eevee used Trump Card, and then Swift.

Fan: FINALLY! Eevee didn't use Trump Card to attack!

01:52, July 14, 2015


Dark Pit:Something is going on!


      • A bunch of Inkling trophy's appear out of nowhere

Ike:What the heck

      • Dark Pit sees this hole and its open Dark Pit trys to run out but he gets stuck 

Dark Pit:Here goes nothing *he shoots a tenckle with Bowser Jr in it

Fox:What the heck is going on

Dark Pit:I dont know but its not good i think this thing is trying to swallow the world!

Ike:Oh Man!

Lugi:Oh No!

Wow so Subspace is the rift!

02:03, July 14, 2015

Sonic: No I-... y-ye-

Evil Roy sets Sonic on fire using dark energy again, he grabs and throws him to a cage in the stadium, Pikachu uses Volt tackle while Falco fires blasters at Evil Roy, who dodged both attacks. Evil Roy quickly glances at his sword to notice a rift tentecale grabbing and eating him, he then looks behind himself to see the very same grabber and dodges it.

{Meanwhile With Captain Falcon Vs. Goku}

Exchanging multiple blows at lightning speed, Douglas charges a raptor boost that Goku dodges. Goku charges an energy attack of blue light.

Goku: KA.. ME.. HA.. ME... HA!

Captain Falcon tries to dodge, but slips on a rock, shocked to know he will turn into a trophy, unable to use any of the kingdom arts, he was then saved by...

02:25, July 14, 2015


      Mewtwo, who used Disable on Goku, a millisecond before the Kamhamea fired. 

Mewtwo: Quick! Maximum Falcon Punch should do the trick!

Captain Falcon: Super...Falcon.....PUNCH!!!!!

03:01, July 14, 2015

Can't let you do that ,Star Fox. 

Who said that?

Tabuu:Fight Me. 

Dragon:Mee Too. Nice person Mii:How Did I Get Here?

03:10, July 14, 2015

    • [131]CoachSDot 

      Captain Falcon punched Goku with all his might. Goku fell and turned into a trophy.

Mewtwo: Something's wrong...

Douglas: What? We defeated Goku, the fight took so long they had to cut some excerts of it away from the forum.

Mewtwo: Goku isn't a part of smash, he shouldn't have a trophy. Multiple people in the kingdoms are merging with the supspace link.

Douglas: Link?

Mewtwo: It's the force that connects every Smash Bros. Fighter into smash itself. Whoever the smashers get near is becoming linked to subspace.

Douglas: Mewtwo, what's that black hole with tentecales in the sky?

Mewtwo: That's the rift, It's trying to return the smashers back to the cross universal roads! That means...

Douglas: I'll escort the Goku trophy to safety, we'll meet eachother at the end of the maze.

Mewtwo and Falcon fled from the cave with the Goku trophy into the kingdom of mazes and tried to flee the rift. Of course, the Rift sucked the 3 into the rift. Mewtwo was able to escape.

Douglas: Mewtwo! Use it wisely!

Captain Falcon removes a badge from his chest and throws it at Mewtwo before the Rift eats him.

Mewtwo:... Falcon's power badge. better see what power this will unlock for me...

Edited by CoachSDot 03:20, July 14, 2015

Sonic: Hey! This story is G-rated! Don't you dare!

Evil Roy: Ughh, fi-


Evil Roy! Defeated!

03:30, July 14, 2015

03:42, July 14, 2015

    • [134]CoachSDot 

      Grima: AUGH!! My Evil clones, defeated! No matter, I ca-

Robin: (Get out of my body!)

Grima: Incesent mortal! You where created for me to possess you!

Robin: (You don't knoe what you are doing, Red Gai is a relentless beast bent on ending all existance as we know it!)

Grima: BEGONE ROBIN! I will awaken Red Gai, and there is nothing you can do to stop me! This body proves weak, I will attwmpt at posessing another body, maybe Sonic's body... 

{Vegetable Collosuem}

Falco: Sonic, one question, why are we in a vegetable themed arena.

Sonic: Oh,,the king of vegetables asked us to stop fighting inside his village- OH SNAP! The Ice Climbers, I need to find them before they get turned into dark clones to do Grima's bidding so he can awaken Red Gai!

Ryu: Who is "Grima"

Lucario: Who is "Red Gai"

04:11, July 14, 2015

    • [135]Niceperson 

      The Plants Become Pokemon Clones From Another video Fane Niw.

04:18, July 14, 2015

Nana: Me too.

Wolf: Then why don't you use those Healing and Cloning parts for our side!

Nana: Um, who is that?

Popo: Wolf. Starfox's archnemesis. Uh-oh, I think he's working for Grima!

Me: You may be wondering how the climbers know this, but it's because they hid while spying on Grima's conversation with Evil Marth.


Wolf: So which one are the real ones? 

The real Ice Climbers were telling Sonic what happened. 

Nana: SONIC!!!

Sonic: Huh? Ice Climbers!

Nana: It's Wolf!

Popo: We barely got away with our Shadow Clone Jutsu to escape!

Wolf: So this is where you were hiding, huh?

Sonic: Hey, leave them alone!

Wolf: I'll take all of you instead! With no Arwings, you don't stand a chance!

Sonic: Ice Climbers, hide!

The Ice Climbers ran to the wall and actually hid there, to your surprise.

11:06, July 14, 2015

    • [137]Niceperson 

      Meanwhile,a Villager Comes with an axe. He asks If Hecan Be An Ally.

14:05, July 14, 2015

Ike:Look more trohpy's are coming in


Dark Pit:He cant even talk proply either

Douglas:I would be worried about our editor's spelling

Me:Hey shut up

Dark Pit:But we have to get out of here because the kingdom's will all become a part of subspace


Wheat King:Hello?

Dark Pit:Who are you

Wheat King:I am the King Of The Kingdom Of Wheat but you can call me Wheatly

Dark Pit:Okay then but what is happning to all the kingdom's why is the kingdom of wheat still there

Wheat King:Dark Clones being made out of our life esssence and Tabbu.Grima,Red Gai and The Rift all want this to happen so no Good can live in the land

Dark Pit:Holy..

Douglas:Hey this story is G-Rated!

Dark Pit:Sorry!

King Of Wheat:The Kingdom Of Wheat is stil there and they are going to attack The Kingdom Of Forset and that is where Eevee and the gang are!

Near DLC City

Impa:Come on Shovel Khight lets go we have to find King K Rool Shovel Khight:I am coming !

suddnely some Koopa Troopa's and Bokoblins apear

Impa:Come on lets go

???:Not so fast


Zant:Ha Ha you will never escape the City on Tabbu's rule 

Impa:Tabbu does not rule the land

Dark Roy:Ha Ha he does rule the land with my master

Zant:Roy deafet her!

      • Impa and Roy get into an epic battle

Zant:Now to kill Shovel Khight tis a shame i have to do this because you do have lots of suporters

      • Shovel Khight grabs the dark ray and aims at at Zant but Zant grabs it and aims it Impa

Zant:Let go fool!

Shovel Khight:NEVER!

Dark Ray:BEEW

      • Dark Roy gets hit by a Dark Ray

Zant:Tabbu shall never be deafeted never!

Will Impa and Shovel Khight stop Zant? Will Lana and Bowser Jr find the Power Gem? will Eevee and her crew escape the clutchs of the evill kingdom of Wheat? find out next time on Finsh The Story!

14:06, July 14, 2015

14:08, July 14, 2015

Snake: Did you see that?

King Dedede looks up and jumps in shock.

Snake: So you won't talk, that sucks.

A Grima possessed Robin appears behind the 2 Smashers.

Grima (Robin): On second thought, I might wantthe penguin.

Snake uses his weapons like shotguns to try killing Grima while Dedede swinge his hammer, both efforts have no effect.

Grima (Robin) *Laughs* Fooliah mortals! You are too weak to even be able to stand near me!

Snake and Dedede fall to there knees too weak even move.

Grima (Robin): Which one should I possess?

Snake: Who... are you?

Grima: You will find out soon enough.

Grima charges a dark energy attack and fires it. He then leaves Robin's body and takes full possesion of...

14:14, July 14, 2015

    • [141]Niceperson 

      Wii Fit Trainer Brings Back The Trophy Of The Dude Of The Man Called. Jigglypuff. Larry:Why Is She Even Back?

14:22, July 14, 2015

Peach:Mario hasnt returned for days and it worries me

Toadworth:We should send our two lovely agents Bucknberry and Algold to go find them Peach:But..


Algold:Yes Sir?

Toadsworth:I want you to two toads to go find Mario

Bucknberry:How are we here we arent even canon to the Mario Series

Peach:Remember dont break the 4th wall you two

Algold:Yes Queen Toadstool!

      • So they set off on an epic adventure to find Mario and Lugi 

Algold:Lets go ask our friends in the toad houses if the can help!

Bucknberry:Yeah are they canon to the series too

Algold:Stop breaking the 4th wall

14:41, July 14, 2015

15:06, July 14, 2015

Snake: You are in so much trouble right now.

An onslaught of Throrons, Rockets, and Gordos all hi- What am I even doing? I've used this line already!

Grima: RRRRGHH! I'll be back!


Wolf: None of you can take me down! I dare you!

Pikachu: Pika! Pika, Pik! PIKACHU!

Sonic: What did he say?

Eevee: I can't translate that...This story is G-rated.

15:23, July 14, 2015

The Aniamal Crossing Kid Now Comes He Has Big Eyes. Pikachu(Translated): Hi,my Bro, here in the now: This certain dude Did Say That he was gonna kill them. 

Sonic The Hedgehog:Calm Down.

15:38, July 14, 2015

Grima: Tabuu, I tried to possess Dedede, but I missed!

Tabuu: I think this is because you possesed that stormtrooper earlier.

Grima: Yes, maybe.

Tabuu: How close are you to ressurecting Red Gai?

Grima: I have the four star dragon ball and 5 Chaos Emeralds, when I get all 7 of both, I can merge them into the Dragon Emerald and summon Red Gai, but we can only do the ritual if...

Tabuu:... The Rift captures enough fighters, then Red Gai can feast on their souls, but even then he is too strong to cross from the Gai Realm.

Grima: Then after it all, we will take some of his power?


16:08, July 14, 2015

Pokémon Trainer:I choose you to Die! Pikachu:Hey,More Pokémon here.

16:15, July 14, 2015

Shovel Khight:I am coming

      • something rattles in the bushes


???:hello(in a very squeaky voice)

Impa:Who are you show your self

???:Umm my name is Boxy

      • It comes out but then it jumps back in the bushes

Impa:Its okay we wont hurt you

Boxy:Umm okay then *it comes back out

Shovel Khight:What are you doing outside of your kingdom

Boxy:I ran away


Boxy:The Scavenger has come

Impa:The who?

Boxy:The Scavenger Tabbu's right hand man he comes to hunt for people who dont follow Tabbu's iron rule our kingdom has tried to stop him but our King was relicantley taken by the Scavenger

Shovel Khight:We should stop this guy once and for all!

Boxy:Here let me show you my cave

Boxy's Cave

Boxy:Here meet Cubic,Squarex and Snake Box

      • the cubes that they just met hide

Boxy:Guys they wont hurt us 

Cubic:Okay then

Boxy:Guys i bring bad news the Scavenger is hunting the forset for any last outcasts

      • all the cubes expect Boxy screem and hide.

Impa:We will help you guys

      • a noise can be heard its sounds like a hovercraft

???:Hmm lets check this mound of crap

??2:This is G-Rated!

19:04, July 14, 2015

The Wheat army had just finished marching to the Vegetable Village, in search of the group of Smashers at the colloseum, the wheat army is the most powerful army across all kingdoms, power even the Smashers coukd not last long against.

Colonel Kernal: This is the place soldiers, fan out and search for the following key targets: an Angel, Anthroponotic falcon, pink puffball, and an aura charged dog.

Wheat Commander: I have sighted alot of weird things looking like they were from Plants Vs. Zombies to fill in for many resting soldiers.

Colonel Kernal: Oh, so the reinforcements fro the kingdom of plants have arrived.

Wheat Soldier: Colonel Kernal, we have found the location of the targets, the Vegetable King is leading the soldiers to the Vegetable Colloseum.


Little Mac: So, we finally defeated Evil Roy, what now?

Mario: Find out who-a Grima and Red Gai are.

Ryu: I will teleport to Sonic and ask him, hopefully he isn't busy fighting. *Warp*

Falco: Well our most powerful fighter is gone, Kirby and Mario no longer have any invincibility power ups and nor do we.

Pit: It would suck so hard if we where ambushed by the most powerful army of the kingdoms.

Eevee: hate to be the bearer of bad news, but..

Wheat Commander: Don't let them get away

Wheat Soldier: CHARGE!

Peashooters, Wheat soldiers, Husker Knights, and alot of other soldiers future writers will describe have surrounded the party with weapons and abilities trained on them.

Megq Man: Guess we will need to fight... great.

19:44, July 14, 2015

    • [150]Niceperson 

      They are Not PVZ,They are Aliens With Flowers On a Their Heads,But Still You can Make Them Rejoice. Some Astronaut Says Where Are my minions?

19:48, July 14, 2015

Wheat Army Rookie: No! They are eating us! Noooo!!!!

Olimar: Niceperson, you wanted me in this story, you got it. Just please, stop sending replies to our planets! You're causing explosions!

Mega Man: Stop breaking the Fourth Wall!

Wii Fit Trainer: I came here too. Along with Villager.

Mario: Oh, no!

Link: HYAHH!?

Falco: You've killed us all!

Villager: Calm down! You're thinking of my psychotic twin! I put him in the Underworld so he wouldn't make it into Smash to not K.O. you, but kill you!

Pit: Oh, okay. Wait, THE UNDERWORLD!?

Villager: You've got the wrong Underworld!

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 01:29, July 15, 2015

    • [152]CoachSDot 

      Link: (Why are we still in the Vegetable Colloseum? Oh no, the Rift is about to grab someone! Gotta warn the others!) HYAH!

Mega Man: *Decapitates peashooter* What did Link say?

Mario: *Dueling with Wheat Samurai* Probably-a nothing.

Link: HYAH! AERAH! HUAH! (How do you not see a giant freaking blacl hole in the sky!?)

Kirby: (It's nighttime Link.)

Link: (How are you reading my mind? Tell the others about the Rift!)

Kirby: (Gotcha!) HI!

Wii Fit Trainer: *Strangling Wheat Soldier* What did Kirby say?

Falco: *Shooting at snipers* Probably Nut'n

Kirby: (All I know to say is "Hi")

The Rift grabs hold of Samus and eats her.

Link: (Really? No one even tried to save her!?)

Colonel Kernal: Progress report general Hay Bailey.

Hay Bailey: Yes sir, we are losing many soldiers, but the targets are showing signs of weakness, 72% of our soldiers remain.

Colonel Kernal: Anything el-

Hay Bailey: ... There seems to be a huge tentecale bearing Black Hole in the sky carrying off some of our foot soldiers, should I notify them?

Colonel Kernal: Yes, also, please notify our writer to stop posting long, story controlling replies on this forum.

Hay Bailey: With all respect, why do you always break the 4th wall sir?

02:34, July 15, 2015

Falco:Not so fast

Wheat Army Commander:Charge at them!

      • All the wheat army charges at Them

Villager:I hate you tree *he chops down a bunch of tree's

Pit:Are you sure that you are not a psychotic murder


Wheat Army Rookie:Charge!

Pit kicks them all 

Mario:They keep on coming!

Pit:So we can eat and take em

Wheat Army Mech:ROAR


02:54, July 15, 2015

Pikmin: Durrrrrrr

Rosalinda:story Time,Dumbie! Luma:Ahhh! Wii Fit Trainer:I Can Do This. 

Squirted:Sup my friends. 


Pokemon Trainer:Aaaaaaaaa,Pokemon!

03:25, July 15, 2015

    • [155]CoachSDot 

      Link: *Dueling with a husker knight* (Kirby, you need to tell everyone about the Rift somehow, it is going to swallow us if we don't flee)

Kirby: (I Can't-) *Swallows Corn Mite* (I can only use my telpathy once a week)

Link: (Then how are you-) *Kills 3 Wheat soldiers* (Talking to me via telepathy now?)

(Puff of Logic)

Kirby: (Great, now I can't talk to Link!)

Link: (Why did I need to activate the puff of logic?)

R.O.B: 110100001010110100010100000011110100001

{Forests of Magic}

Snake: I think their awake.

Robin: ugh...

Snake pulls Robin up to his feet, Robin dusts off.

Snake: Are you alright?

Robin: Yes, thank you Snake.

Snake: (This "sorceror" must be a spy from FOXHOUND, how does he know my name? Stay cool...) How do you know my name?

Robin: No, actually. I... It's strange... Your name, it just...came to me...

Dedede: (He did not just make a reference to Fire Emblem Awakening...)

Edited by CoachSDot 04:23, July 15, 2015

Olimar:Oh My God,You're Here Seamus:Uh,It Is Time to Fight now Olimar dude.

04:33, July 15, 2015

Yoshi and Kirby then ate EVERY SINGLE Army Member.

Lucario: Why didn't you do that before?

13:29, July 15, 2015

Smiley Face Captain:NEVER


Falco:Men fire all we got now 


Falco:And who is that



      • everyone fires what they got!


Falco:Move it men we have to get to the escape...

      • Falco is devoured by the rift!


Subspace Fox:FALCO!


Lugi:Oh no!


Smiley Face Kingdom

Mario:Come on lets go

      • Everyone jumps off the wall


Wii Fit Trainer:Everyone into the escape pods!

Mario:We dont have eghough for all of us even if some people get eaten!

Villager:We have to stay here and defend!

Mario:We dont want him to get more powerful do we!



Link:Anyone who can go needs to go now! get with the rest of them 

Olimar,Duck Hunt and Diddy fly off

Pit:Lady Paultena i will be back in a min!

Link:Come on Samus come on


Mario:What the...

Samus,Eevve,Pikachu and Pichu fly down along with Wolf!




Pichu:What about me

Yamkoalid41:PICHU *But yam gets eaten by the rift!

Samus: come on lets go you guys the smiley faces eveacuted and i got out of the rift!

Everyone goes in


13:55, July 15, 2015


      Kirby: Poyo!? (What? I can use Telepathy again!? Well, let's try it...

Telepathy Kirby: Everyone, the Rift is getting too strong. once all the smashers are in it, the whole kingdom will bed sucked up. You have to get in there. It's a huge risk and the entire kingdom will get sucked up, but then...We can battle all of the bad guys...And save the world! Everyone, use every method you have to get here. This is a very important battle. The rift has generated enough power to create clones of us without needing to be defeated. 

Shulk: We'd better get there!

Greninja: Greninja!

Roy: We can do this! (In Japanese)

Bowser: Wait! 

Shulk: And what do YOU want?

Bowser: I want...I want...I'll join your group....

Snake: Gotta get there, and fast.

Mewtwo: I was already near the rift.

Lucina: Let's do this.

Toon Link: Finally! I didn't know what I was doing.

Dr. Mario: The doctor is in!

Peach: So that's what's going on!

Charizard: ROOOOARRR!

Donkey Kong: RAWROO!

14:37, July 15, 2015

Sonic: Ryu, you know where Wolf and the Ice Climbers are?

Ryu: Sadly no, they have both ran off somewhere.

???: It seems I have found my two right hand hand men... evil clones, charge!!

Behing Grima march Evil Fox, Evil Falco, Evil Luigi, Evil Falcon, and Evil Goku.

Sonic: GRIMA! How did you create more clones!?

Grima: Tabuu decided to give me some of the Rift's trophies, returning them after I made them my b-


Grima: Anyway, you get the point.

Ryu: Who is-

Sonic: Grima is an evil spirit bent on summoning Red Gai, he can possess one of us and turn the other into an evil soldier!

Ryu: Who is he going to possess?

Grima: YOU!!

As Sonic and Ryu are fighting the clones, Grima charges himself into Sonic. Sonic begins to glow dark, his spines curved with blue streaks running across them.

Grima (Sonic): YEEAAH! I'm BAAAAAAD! Feels good to be in a body of such power, so many wonderful moves to use!

Ryu: You will no- ugh! W-what is th-is p-power!? I can even m-move!

Grima: (Sonic): I'm sure you regret learning nearly every skill in the kingdoms now Sonic.

Sonic: (Oh SHUT UP!!)

Evil Fox: Falco, turn him into a slave.

Evil Falco: Fine, whateva'

Ryu becomes an evil clone and his trophy is casted into the Rift. Before Grima's soldiers where so powerful they could kill someone by standing near them, now Grima has taken possesion of Sonic, Ryu, Goku, and Captain Falcon! These unmatched powers are too strong for our heroes to last against without any help, will they be able to defeat Grima and his fighters, or will the Rift consume us all, find out next time on finish the story...


{Vegetable Colluseum}

Colonel Kernal: Bailey-

Hay Bailey: ...The army is also being eaten by weird aliens, we should summon more wheat barbarians...

Colonel Kernal: Bailey-

Hay Bailey: ..The rift has taken away the anthroponotic bird, so that is good...

Colonel Kernal: BAILEY-

Hay Bailey: ... However, every target is wearing down, arguing amongst themselves, and there is a puffball and green cloaked elf screaming thi-

Colonel Kernal: ST. NICOLE HAY LEAH ANDERSON BAILEY!!! All the soldiers where eaten!

Hay Bailey: My apologies colonel, but I guess you can say that the targets filled up *Puts on sunglasses* on whole wheat.


Colonel Kernal: Potato, shut up, Hay Bailey, you fired...

15:01, July 15, 2015

    • [161]Niceperson 

      Wario :wa! There's aRift! Pokemon a Trainer:I Choose You To Die! Wario:Wa!

15:08, July 15, 2015

Pit:I Can Fly 

Olimar:Pikmin ,Come in. Pikmin:Durrrrrrrrr. Pikachu:Whee! Wario:Wa! Mew two:Stop Saying That. Dr Mario:Why Are We Here? Toon Link:We are Just Only Some Clones.

15:16, July 15, 2015


      Evil Ryu mysteriously died from getting hit by ice. And it was sudden.

Sonigrima: What!?

???: Super Hammer Attack!

Grima: Ow! You knocked me out of his body!

Popo: This isn't a joke anymore.

Nana: No more scaredy-cat Ice Climbers.

Grima: Where have YOU been this entire time?


Nana: Popo, I have this ninja cloth that I got for mastering Shadow Clone Jutsu! Let's use it to blend in to the wall!

Ice Climbers: Super...Hammer......K.O! 

Grima was launched into the black hole, but Sonic was confused.

Sonic: Isn't that name the same as Falcon's?

Ice Climbers: Yeah...huh?

Bowser Jr. : AND I KNOW WHY!

Sonic: Huh?

Bowser Jr. : You see, I found this page somewhere. 

There is a legend that one creature was guarded by six legendary sages...One sage of Fire, one sage of Ice, one sage of Speed, one Sage of Flight, one sage of Stars, and one sage of Water. The leader was all of them at once. The leader had the power of Fire, the elegance of Ice, the lightning quickness of speed, the wings of flight, it could harness Stars, and it had the evasiveness of Water.

Mario: Pac-Man and Pokemon Trainer are here, good.

15:25, July 15, 2015

Fox:we are freezing up..Falco

Falco:How are we ever going to get out of here!

Fox:I dont...K..n..o..w

Falco:Its over fox your engry is being sucked out

Fox: i....k..n..o. *he turns into a trophy

Falco:Ughh i am going to be next

Tabbu:Heh Heh you are going to be next

Falco:Now you have put me in chains so i cant walk around

Tabbu:Yes the forsaken spirt will take your engry to unleash Red Gai!

Falco:Ughh i will never help you..

Forsaken Spirt:Heh you will not see Fox for much longer its your fault that he left you!

Falco:I was in a battle with Wolf and...

      • falco starts to freeze up

Subspace Bridge

Dark Pit:Come on i think that Tabbu is onto us

Tabuu:You cant escape now Ike and Dark Pit

Dark Pit fires an arrow at Tabbu and Ike does a shockwave

Tabbu:You cant fight me i am much to powerful for you!

Dark Pit:GO!

Ike:No solider is left behind!

Dark Pit:I dont care go i am going to fight you Tabbu

Tabbu:Think you can Pitoo!

Dark Pit:GAME ON!

      • Tabbu gets hit By Master Hand who comes out of nowhere!

Tabbu:Oh no not you again

Will Dark Pit deafet Tabbu or will he be the third to freeze up find out next time on Finsh The Story Season 1!

16:20, July 15, 2015

Ike: Ahhh, nice time to relax...

Tabuu: Even villans need a rest from the story.

Ness: Wait, you said Season 1, which means...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 16:27, July 15, 2015

    • [166]CoachSDot 

      Grima: Why, WHY must I always be knocked out of bodies!? Can I just stay inside one body for some time!?

???:I will help you.

Grima: who are you

Eggman: I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik, I see that we have a common foe, Sonic!

Grima: That blasted hedgehog and his freinds keep foiling my plans! I have to find the 7 Dragon Balls and Chaos Emeralds to create the Dragon Emerald, a mystic gem able to tear holes through the space time continuem and bring Red Gai into the Smash Realm.

Eggman: I have the chaos emeralds, I will make a truce with you. I will aid you with my robot army of badnicks, in return, you bring me both Mario and Sonic alive.

Grima: Its a deal then, I will notify Tabuu about the truce we have...

16:44, July 15, 2015

Bowser Jr. : Correct. One for each sage, and the master gem for the leader. It seems the Speed Sage's power will be given to someone else soon. I have the Ice and Star Gems right here.

Popo: I'm surprised that we still haven't been sucked up in that RIIIIIIIIIIIII-

16:58, July 15, 2015

Olimar:My Pikmin Aren't Going. 

Link:I Can't Throw My Sword Farther. Lucas:I'm Back Yoshi:Me Too. Ryu:I'm Here.

17:14, July 15, 2015

    • [169]CoachSDot 

      Mario and the others rush to rescue Popo, Sonic and Nana manage to grab Popo before the tentecale can carry him off, but the 2 begin to get lifted off the ground, Mario then grabs Sonic, but becomes lifted. The cycle continues with Little Mac, Kirby, Yoshi, and company until every fighter forms a ladder trying to prevent Popo from flying off.

Link: AH!

Mega Man: The power of the rift is too strong!

Sonic: Anyone who gets sucked in can be turned into an evil clone by Grima!


Palutena: Right now, trying to decide how to save you all.

Link: (Oh yeah! I learned Psychokinesis from the kingdom of Skills)

Link uses Psychokinesis to rescue everyone, but he leaves behind Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch: *BEEP BE-BE- BEEP!!*

Mario: Should we worry?

Link: Meh, he had so significence to the stsry and was hard to look at anyway...

Pit: Did you just talk?


Edited by CoachSDot 19:41, July 15, 2015


      Mega Man: Guys, Mr. Game and Watch is made of the Shadow Bugs! They can make clones without us by extracting his DNA! Are you seriously THAT dumb?

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 20:12, July 15, 2015

    • [171]Niceperson 

      Mii :Let's Go in Too Without The Authers Thing of Rules.

20:25, July 15, 2015

Everyone stares at Sonic.

Sonic: Oh, I forgot to say there are Evil clones of Fox, Falco, Goku, and Luigi. And they will not go down as easily as the rest. Right PEASHOOTERFAN?

PEASHOOTERFAN: I can kill them off if I want to.

Evil Goku: Suprise!

Wii Fit Trainer: We are done for...

{Inside the Rift}


Dark Pit: You mean using the Gaurdian Orbitars when you attack me with dark energy?

Tabuu: YES!!

Ike: Pitoo we need to find a way out of here.

Goku: I will hold Tabuu back, you guy run!

Luigi: But you will be turned into a trophy!

Tabuu: wait, it that Mr. Game & Watch? The clone genorator we needed all this time!

Fox (Trophy): (Falco, did you send the code to anyone else before you where sucked in?)

Falco (Trophy): (Yes, R.O.B and Samus have the code downloaded into their mainframes.)


Goku transforms into his Super Sayian god form to defeat Tabuu

Goku: Ready when you are.

Tabuu: Hit me with your best sh-


Tabuu: OW! Blasted Sayian. Close off their escape!

Primids ride from the ground and surround Dark Pit, Ike, and Luigi.

Tabuu: You will never escape! Soon you will all be slaves to Red Gai!

Everyone: Who is Red Gai!?

(Insert explaination of Red Gai here)

Edited by CoachSDot 20:33, July 15, 2015


      Jigglypuff (Translated): Okay, why was I not turned into a trophy? Ooh! A Smash Ball!

Everyone in Subspace: Wait, no! Ack!

Tabuu: Why did it have to be an enclosed room?

Bowser Jr. : Here come Shulk, Greninja, Roy, and daddy.

After a reounion...

Bowser Jr. : We figured it out!

Bowser: The gems are for a specific one of us! But only six. The ones who owned these gems were your ancestors!

Bowser Jr. : The Fire gem goes to Mario, and the Ice Gem goes to the Ice Climbers.

Bowser: These Flight and Star gems go to Pit and Kirby.

Bowser Jr. : And these Water and Speed Gems go to Greninja and Captain Falcon.

Mario: Oh, no! Captain Falcon isn't here!

Telepathy Falcon: It's okay. The powers are someday passed onto new owners, and after the others, the Speed gem is passed down. Sonic and I were cousins. So I pass it down to him.

Sonic: Cool! But...Where's the leader?

Captain Falcon: That's unknown.

21:03, July 15, 2015

    • [174]CoachSDot 

      Evil Falco: While ya' guys are having a reunion with eachotha' when will we fight?

Evil Fox: Why do you have an accent all of the sudden?

Evil Luigi: Does it-a matter!?

Mario: Oh no! Evil Luigi, that-a means Luigi is in subspace!

Evil Goku: I would kill each and every one of you with my immense power, but that would take the fun out of it. Guys, kill them all, Falcon goes first.

Sonic: Wait, didn't Falcon learn multple techniques like healing, Energy ball attacks, and Telportation?

Evil Falcon teleports behind Olimar and Grabs him.

Olimar: I left my planet for this

Evil Falcon: Have fun being a trophy GRUNG!

Shulk charges at Evil Falcon and forsees a raptor boost. however, there was nothing he could do about it. Shulk is followed by Kirby and Sonic, who put up a greater fight. Yoshi manages to turn Evil Falcon into an egg and Kirby eats him.

Every hero: WOHOO! Way to go Kirby!

As everyone cheered him on, Kirby began to glow dark, his eyes yellow, and a red aura surrounding him

Kirby: PYAAAH!!

01:40, July 16, 2015

Snake:Please Do Not Inhale Me Again.

01:48, July 16, 2015

Kirby started attacking everybody he saw, but then put his hands on his head, trying to stop himself.

Ryu: It seems he can't control himself! I'm sorry, Kirby...

Ryu used a Focus Attack, taking some damage, but then landing a blow in which Kirby was knocked unconcious.

12:49, July 16, 2015

    • [177]CoachSDot 

      After knocked unconcious, Evil Falcon crawls out of Kirby's stomach

Evil Falon: These heroes don't play fair! Catch ya later.

Evil Falcon Runs behind Evil Goku.

Evil Goku: Fox, Falco, attack.

14:08, July 16, 2015


      Suddenly, Mario did some nice combos that hit over and over and over. He didn't know how he did it, but at least he killed Evil Fox and Falco.

Evil Goku: That's too strong, go get them, Evil Mega Man!

Pit: Evil Mega Man!? The real Mega Man still hasn't been defeated yet!

Mega Man: I told you that we shouldn't have let Mr. Game and Watch in there!

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 14:16, July 16, 2015


      • everyone runs in diffrent directions

Tabbu:Scavenger!,Ganondorf!,Zant,Evill Goku find them and get them!

Great Maze-Ike

Ike:Woah this is the Smiley Face Kingdom isnt it

Zant:No where to hide Ike is there



      • Zant falls down and Ike runs off

Great Maze_Dark Pit/Master Hand

Dark Pit:Come on you Hand we have to move 

      • Ganondorf comes in front of them

Ganondorf:Look what we have here the tratior team!

Dark Pit:Ganon we had a deal and you said i would get money and now your trying to use my soul for some evill plot!

Ganondorf:Soon we only the villans will rule the land

Dark Pit:and you will get eaten by the rift

Ganon:HA HA wait..what..

Dark Pit:Ganondorf this is a trick you are going to be next duh

Ganondorf:Say you are right..

Dark Pit:Ha now goodbye!

      • Dark Pit pulls out a Dark Ray and shoots him

Dark Pit:Master hand throw this trophy off of the ledge 

      • Master Hand nods

Dark Pit:Go quickly we dont want Tabbu to use you!

Great Maze-Lugi

Lugi:Oh no

???:Gotcha ya!

Lugi:who are you Mama Mia!

???:Call me the Soul Stealer!


Lugi gets draged off by the Soul Stealer

Will the remaing heroes escape find out next time on Finsh The Story Season 1

14:40, July 16, 2015

15:12, July 16, 2015

    • [181]CoachSDot 

      Evil Mega Man grabs Sonic and trys to copy his timestop ability. Diddy Kong quickly saves him by throwing a banana at the clone. Sonic then charges a cool looking energy ball attack to kill him.

Evil Mega Man: Even if you do strike me down, a dozen will take my place, I may be weak, but I am a pawn to the great Red Gai, you will never win, HE IS INVI-

Diddy Kong shoots him with a shot gun and hids it, no body knows how Evil Mega Man died.

Evil Falcon: There ya go, all fixed up.

Evil Falco and Evil Fox are ressurected by Falcon and all three charge at Sonic.

Evil Fox: We must make him a clone!

???: *ROAR*

A wild RIDLEY appeared!

RIDLEY used flamethro-

Villager: This is NOT an RPG.

I would've edited a pic but I don't have access to the tech required... Ridley charged at the party breathing fire.

16:27, July 16, 2015

    • [182]Niceperson 

      Seamus Kills Ridley. Why Can't I Kill Ridley Like That? Mario Said.

17:33, July 16, 2015

Ridley: Of course I did. The only reason I "attacked" Samus was to play with her.

R.O.B. : My scanners indicate that Entity.Ridley is 6 years old.

Samus: Wooooooww....

Evil Falco: What about our fight?

Popo: Look, mushrooms! let's eat them!

Evil Falco: This could be a problem. Giant kids, Two Gigantic Dogs, and one humongus duck.[184]18:06, July 16, 2015

20:08, July 16, 2015

Lucario: Great job Popo, you aggravated the even more powerful clone of the most powerful fighter in the universe!


The attack misses and heads for a giant tower that it destroys, along with everything in a mile radius

Villager: The blast form that attack nearly destroyed the entire kingdom!

Mario: Mega Man, what-a does the scouter say about his-a power level?

Mega Man: It's over 9000- *Slapped*



Ridley: *ROAR*

R.O.B: Ridley stated that even with the might of our combined powers the elimination of Dark Goku is pointless. He also said he will fly the group of us away from him.

Popo: What about us, we are too large.

Sonic: I'll just warp us out o- GAH!

Evil Goku turns Sonic into a trophy and makes a dark clone, casting his trophy into the rift.

Everyone: SONIC!

Evil Sonic: He was your most powerful fighter, on the side of Grima, you are definitly screwed.

Will our heroes be able to escape the clutches of Evil Goku, Sonic, and the Rift before it's too late? Find out on the New "Finish the Story" Forum, Finish the Story: Season 2! You will find it here!

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Finish The Story: Season 2!CoachSDot 

If you do not know the current story at hand, read up here. Finish The Story Season 2 was made simply because the previous forum was getting quite large, plus, over here we will introduce new villians, characters, plotlines, ETC. Continuing from the first one's latest post:

Evil Goku: Thats it! I'm going to kill you all!

Lucario: Great job Popo, you aggravated the even more powerful clone of the most powerful fighter in the universe!


The attack misses and heads for a giant tower that it destroys, along with everything in a mile radius

Villager: The blast form that attack nearly destroyed the entire kingdom!

Mario: Mega Man, what-a does the scouter say about his-a power level?

Mega Man: It's over 9000- *Slapped*



Ridley: *ROAR*

R.O.B: Ridley stated that even with the might of our combined powers the elimination of Dark Goku is pointless. He also said he will fly the group of us away from him.

Popo: What about us, we are too large.

Sonic: I'll just warp us out o- GAH!

Evil Goku turns Sonic into a trophy and makes a dark clone, casting his trophy into the rift.

Everyone: SONIC!

Evil Sonic: He was your most powerful fighter, on the side of Grima, you are definitly screwed.

Will our heroes be able to escape the clutches of Evil Goku, Sonic, and the Rift before it's too late? Find out on the New "Finish the Story" Forum, Finish the Story: Season 2! You will find it here!

20:51, July 16, 2015 *[187]Brandon1991 

Steve comes and kills you all

22:20, July 16, 2015 

22:26, July 16, 2015 

22:26, July 16, 2015 


    Suddenly, the Evil Clone was automatically destroyed, and Sonic revived.

Grima: What!? But how!

Telepathy Falcon: Grima, he is the new Sage of Speed. As long as he has that gem, his clones will be destroyed, and he will automatically be revived without the touch of a hand.

Kirby then woke up from unconciousness, and then the gems started to glow. 

Telepathy Falcon: Now that Kirby's awake, you can all unlock your true power. Unleash your true power! Once all sages are run down, the master gem appears, and the master's power is unleashed!

Mario: Oh, yeah! Fire Mario!

Mario transformed into Super Fire Mario, but we just call it Fire Mario. The Ice Climbers, Lucario, and Duck Hunt shrunk, and the others tested their power. 

Ice Climbers: Teamwork! Glacier Climbers!

Pit: Bye, now! Sacred Treasure Pit!

Sonic: You're too slow! Super Sonic!

Kirby (Translated): Hero of the stars! Ultra Sword Kirby!

Greninja (Translated): Shurikens of Water! Shuriken Greninja!

Grima: Oh, the true power of the sages? Let us try! Evil Goku, Falco, Falcon, Luigi, and Eggman!

Super Sonic: Eggman!? We can still take that! Go!

Jigglypuff (Translated): GIVE ME SCREENTIME!

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 22:56, July 16, 2015 

23:21, July 16, 2015 

  • [192]Niceperson 

    Nice person Mii:(eats The Pizza From The Brandon1991 Mii) Yum!

23:59, July 16, 2015 


    Bowser shot flames from his mouth and burnt the enemies. Mario's fireballs were replaced by Mario Finale, the Ice Climbers fired whole Icebergs, Pit launched giant clouds of light, Sonic did...whatever, Kirby slashed multiple times at once, and Greninja used ENTIRE WATERFALLS. 

Grima: Is that all? Dark Dash!

Grima attacked over and over and over with a dark aura surrounding it. But our heroes wouldn't give in!

00:08, July 17, 2015 

00:23, July 17, 2015 

  • [195]CoachSDot 

    With all of the evil ones attacking, thanks to the power of the sages, they didn't flinch! Grima finally figures out...

Grima: Yes... yes... thats it! Goku!

Evil Goku: Yes?

Grima: In order ressurect him, I will need to possess someone, someone strong...

Evil Goku: Fusion dance?

Grima: Fu...

Evil Goku:...Sion...

Fire Mario: Should we stop them?

Glacier Nana: Na, we're too powerful for this universe to even handle us, we need some fun don't we?

Telepathy Falcon: Wait, GUYS! You need to stop them! Their about to-

Grima & Evil Goku: HA!!

Suddenly an energy explosion occurs. Out of the explosion steps a super powerful being, he looked like Goku, but in a black and Yellow gi, spikes ran by his elbows. Red eyes with the features of a dragon-

Pit: we'll still take him. Too weak compared to us.


Telpathy Falcon: Oh no! They figured out!


Mega Man: Is that?

Sonic: Red Gai!?


Bowser: Your still weak.


Edited by CoachSDot 00:34, July 17, 2015 

But then Red Gai released a shockwave that knocked all the sages to the ground, too weak to battle.

Eevee: Oh no...what's going on? No...NOOOO!

Suddenly, they were teleported to a vast room that was near the void on a white platform. Eevee had started glowing though, and a massive gem appeared. 

Mega Man: Is that? 

Mewtwo: It is the Master Gem! And if it's near Eevee...

Eevee: I'm...the leader? Woah, I'm growing wings!

Fire Mario: Woah, all my-a energy is back!

Glacier Ice Climbers: Let's do this.

Eevee: Yah!

Eevee sped so fast that Red Gai couldn't keep up. Eevee then used a powerful Swift.

Lucario: Wings to Fly...Fast like Speed...Can harness Stars...Power of Fire...

Red Gai fired a punch of Darkness, Eevee dodged easily dodged, elegantly.

Lucario: Evasiveness of Water...Elegance of Ice......She is no matter what the leader. 

Fire Mario killed Evil Falco, Glacier Climbers killed Evil Luigi. Super Sonic defeated Eggman, Sacred Treasures Pit took out Evil Falcon, Shuriken Greninja, Evil Falcon. Ultra Sword Kirby killed Evil Goku, and everyone got together for the final blow, a Final Smash Clash. Mario Finale, Ultra Sword, Giga Bowser, End of Day, PK Starstorm x2, NES Zapper Posse, and more! Red Gai was knocked away into the Rift, killing him and returning all Trophies, and Mewtwo knocked Grima into the Rift with a Falcon Punch, because of Falcon's power badge. The Rift then closed.

Samus: Look, a portal home! 

Mega Man: Bye, this world.

They got home, safe and sound. Falco brought Ridley with them, and then asked:

Falco: Samus, what DID the code say?

Samus: It's-

Eevee: Eevee, Evolution Pokemon.


01:01, July 17, 2015 

01:04, July 17, 2015 

  • [198]TheTruePokemonMaster 

    The Kingdom's have been restored but Tabbu is still out there and a new villan is rising! and the ending was not very cool!

01:06, July 17, 2015 

Tabuu: You'll pay for trapping us in here, heroes! I shall get my revenge...

01:25, July 17, 2015 

  • [200]CoachSDot 

    What became of the Princess of magic you ask? Oh, she died in Red Gai's shockwave, just like EVERY OTHER BEING IN THE REALM OF KINGDOMS!!

01:44, July 17, 2015 

01:44, July 17, 2015 

01:48, July 17, 2015 




Tabuu: They won the battle, but the war is far from over. Take a glimpse into the future...

Tabuu shows the future to Red Gai and Grima. In the future, the trophy of every smasher, is held up in a room, and the power gems locked up. He swipes to the final battle where Link, Falcon, and Luigi, covered in dirt, desperately try to defeat Red Gai, but fail.


Red Gai: IS THAT... ME?

???: Yes.

Grima: WHO DARES!?

???: Their victory... 'tis fate, I am Mystic, decider of fate.

Tabuu: Mystic, you honor us with your presence

Mystic: I control what happens across all realms... the smashers where meant to reign victorious over you, but this time, Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic, we will reign victorious!

Tabuu: The smashers cannot defy fate itself. They are surely doomed.

Who is this new "Mystic" foe? If he truly knows and decides on the future itself, then how will the smashers stop him? Will our heroes be able to defeat the new fearsome four, or will they succume to fate? Find out next time on, Finish The Story 2: Age of Mystic!

02:01, July 17, 2015 

Coming soon...

Mega Man: Oh no, not this again.

To the Wiki...

Lucina: Get her out of that net!

After a long wait...

Pit: Who are you?

???: T-Tempo...

Finish the Story 2. Coming after the creator makes the page.

Ness: This is NOT an RPG!

02:28, July 17, 2015 

02:37, July 17, 2015 

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