FTS Shorts was created by PEASHOOTERFAN and the main writers are CoachSDot,TheTruePokemonMaster and JackPlatinuim the main plot is well whatever the writers want it to be it can be about shipping it can be about PixelFox's! it can be about Coach being awesome and the writers causing havoc!

Story Arcs

Jaleck and PixelFox's!!!!!! Arc

The Jaleck Arc is the first main arc of FTS Shorts it features Aleck,Jesse,Kirby,Dylan and PixelFox,LC as Kirby and Dylan push Aleck to ask Jesse his crush out.But they need the help of PixelFox,Love Conusltant to help him and that gets them into a mess of alt universe with other PixelFox's and stuff and you know that kinda stuff! So a bunch of PixelFox's come great! along with a random orb that doesnt have a name also comes to the universe oh yeah and some stuff happens where PixelFox,IRL gets a girlfriend and PixelFox,LC leaves for awhile and stuff!

The Magic Murder Session

So yeah CoachSDot becomes an awesome mercerny and goes around killing people and his sister devolpes a crush on him for no apparent reason! So anyway as he does that on seprete thread a summer party goes on and nobody cares.So The Princess of Magic sits on her balcony in the magic Kingdom and waits for her love the Prince Of Darkness so brother of The Princess of Darkness.Anyway PixelFox comes along with Aleck and Jesse and some others and then Coach gets to show The guards his moves by shooting them and punching them.Everyone joins on the fun of killing and the Magic Princess is done with it! So she goes to her room and then PixelFox,LC reveals that he has a crush on her! DUN DUN DUN! So PixelFox,LC makes a love potion for the Magic Princess making her fall in love with him!