CoachSDot, or coach for short, originally thought to be one of the three demigods in Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic along with PEASHOOTERFAN and TheTruePokemonMaster, later reveal to be a shapeshifter along with Zeybuka and Vaarya in FTS5.


Long ago in an ancient village, after the Tablet of Infinite power was stolen, CoachSDot (Original name at the time, Makraite) was sent to the PVZ realm to conquer it. He doned the form of a Peashooter and blended in with the high ranking plants such as Shadow Flower, Armor Chomper, Rose, and Citron.

He leads a charge agains zomboss before they are ambushed by ridiculously overpowered zombies, he fled at that moment. He later ended up in the demi-kingdom with amnesia.


Commando pea

The Commando Pea, CoachSDot's first form


Fierce Deity Link, CoachSDot's third form


A Pichu, CoachSDot's second form