Clarissa is a character in Finish the Story 5: Writer of Nightmares as the Cyan/Aqua/Light Blue soul. She doesn't have a problem with most things, with a few exceptions. She's the youngest of the seven souls that got loose, and the patient one.

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Role in the Story

She was found in the large lake floating in a boat near the big rock. PEASHOOTERFAN and co. were concerned about her safety, despite having no idea or problem with her situation or surroundings at all.


Clarissa is a small child with yellow hair, two ponytails, and a ribbon on her head. She wears a cyan skirt with two white buttons on top.


  • There seems to be a sound file for Clarissa and a few other characters for Dialogue. It is unknown what this is for.
    Clarissa Diolouge