Adventure Fredbear is an Adventure Animatronic in FTS. He has the power to win the war or put the land in utter chaos ONLY by getting all of the gems, an ability no others can possess even with all gems. He is currently training Adventure Springbonnie.

Relevance in the Story

Adventure Fredbear was mentioned by Adventure Nightmare and how taking his apprentice, Adventure Springbonnie to the evil side could make evil win. Adventure Nightmare Fredbear disagreed however, because he was on the good side. They got in a scuffle afterwards, Adventure Nightmare Fredbear with the advantage of a mimic ball.

After Douglas was killed, Adventure Fredbear himself appeared right before Sally could join TheTruePokemonMaster, preventing that from happening. He however, was flung away to an unknown location, making his status a mystery. This let Sally escape from the Realm of Fire.

Adventure Fredbear was one of four adventure animatronics to not be teleported at a large battle, the others being Adventure Springbonnie, Adventure Nightmare Fredbear, and Adventure Nightmare. In the end, the heroes learned this from Pao-Kai's last words.


  • Adventure Fredbear had only one line in FTS 4.
  • He is the only Adventure Animatronic who is in an unknown location (As of FTS4). The rest are either with the biggest group, in the Kingdom of a Single Square, or in the Kingdom of Plastic.
  • He has been described as "The One who Started it All" many times in the story.